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Vaginal rejuvenation Nonsurgical treatments

Orange County Non Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

ThermiVa® is a noninvasive application of radiofrequency designed for vaginal and labial rejuvenation and in most patients, improves the quality of the orgasm. Currently this is the only non-invasive solution for vaginal laxity, labial reduction, minor incontinence and an orgasm enhancer. The disposable ThermiVa® probe is designed to heat the labia and to slip into a vagina to heat the lining to the target temperature to induce the desired tightening. A series of three procedures is recommended for optimal tightening and should be followed with a treatment every six months. This is a non painful, non invasive office procedure that does not require sedation or an anesthetic. 

Suitable for Women with: Vaginal looseness, Lack of friction or sensation, Labial sagging or hypertrophy, Painful intercourse, Discomfort in clothing, Dry Vagina (Atrophic VulvoVaginitis), Minor stress incontinence, Minor prolapse, Orgasmic Disorders

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