Newport Beach Post Weight Loss Reconstructon by Dr. Juris Bunkisof OCPS*

Procedure Details

This relatively healthy female in her late 40's had lost one hundred pounds with a diet and exercise program. She sought consultation with Dr. Juris Bunkis of Orange County Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, California regarding her massive skin laxity. Her abdominal and back skin laxity were corrected with a body lift (belt lipectomy) which included a fleur-de-lis abdominoplasty (including a vertical incision to address horizontal skin laxity), a brachioplasty (inner arm lift), a right breast reduction, a left breast lift and an inner thigh lift over two sessions - she came back later and had her facial laxity corrected with a facelift, has maintained her weight loss and looks great to this day.

Patient Testimonial

I have been overweight by varying amounts for most of my life, but in my forties I hovered at my highest weight (about 260lbs).  Having always had “thunder thighs,” even at fairly normal weights, I never thought it was possible through weight loss to have a truly attractive female body again.  Once I turned 49 I made a commitment to get and keep off my excess weight.  It took more than a year, but through various diets I got down to 130lbs.  Toward the end of this journey I realized that I still wasn’t happy with my appearance because my sagging skin made me feel self-conscious.  My best friend since childhood had made a similar weight loss journey.  She worked with a number of people that had various procedures done by Dr. Bunkis.  Over time she watched even more co-workers go to Dr. Bunkis to improve their lives in a similar way.  Eventually my friend went to see Dr. Bunkis and scheduled her first surgery.  She got me to make an appointment as well.  I will be honest that this was something I wanted to do, but had no idea how to find a good surgeon, and I was beyond frightened from all the horror stories I had heard on TV.  My friend told me about all the actual patients she had witnessed over time who got such great results with Dr. Bunkis.  Had it not have been for my best friend’s encouragement, I would have never have had the courage to start this transformative journey.

I went online to read Dr. Bunkis’ credentials and was impressed even before meeting him.  After I met with him I felt very hopeful.  He never made me feel like I was being pushed into anything.  And he seemed sincere in communicating what he could and could not do to help me.  When I first came to see Dr. Bunkis I didn’t have any idea of what to expect and was surprised after speaking with him how much more could be done to improve my appearance.  Over the next two years I had a number of procedures including a belt lipectomy, breast lift, thighplasty, liposuction, inner arm tuck, brow lift and face lift.  In my wildest imagination I could not have anticipated the transformation that my body and face was about to make; and how this would positively impact my self-esteem.  I no longer have “thunder thighs”, in part due to my weight loss, but also to Dr. Bunkis’ expertise and hard work.  No one else can possibly understand how much Dr. Bunkis truly transformed my life! 

Since my transformation, I have had so many positive comments about my appearance, especially pertaining to my face/brow lift.  Dr. Bunkis’ conservative approach resulted in my looking younger and thinner, but still looking like me!    My beautician,  who has seen dozen’s of her client’s face lifts over the years,  told me mine was the only one she thought was an actual improvement in appearance;  others, she said, made them just look like different people or were “too tight looking.”  My friends and family just think I’m aging backwards now.

Dr. Bunkis and his staff have become like family to me now.   They have been so kind and caring - I will never be able to adequately express my appreciation to them in a way that they can feel the gratitude in my heart.  If you are reading this and are wondering if all this is true, just ask Dr. Bunkis’ staff to contact me and I will be happy to show and tell you my story in person.  And just so you know, I am under no obligation to Dr. Bunkis to do this, but it’s my only way to show my appreciation to all he and his staff have done for me.


MC -  2010


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*Actual patients of Dr. Bunkis. Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.