Newport Beach Mommy Makeover by Dr. Juris Bunkis of OC Plastic Surgery*

Procedure Details

This mother of three children in her early 40's presented to Dr. Juris Bunkis of Orange County Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, California with breast ptosis, abdominal laxity, excess fat over the upper abdominal wall and flank areas, which she wished to have improved, and requested fuller breasts as well. She was a single mom and had a full time job, admitted that she was not exercising as much as she would like to, or could given her schedule. She felt embarrassed about her body and wanted help before she started dating again. She under went a vertical breast lift (lollipop breast lift) and a breast augmentation with 300 cc, Mentor high profile, silicone implants in the subpectoral spaces. At the same sitting, she underwent a tummy tuck (Newport Beach Abdominoplasty) with some peripheral liposuction to complete her Mommy Makeover. She loved her final results and told us the procedures provided her with a boost of confidence.


Orange County Plastic Surgery

*Actual patients of Dr. Bunkis. Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.