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Procedure Details

This lady in her early 40's wished to have a mommy makeover. Her breasts were slightly droopy but she did not want the lollipop or anchor scars. She also wished to have a little more volume. She had a lax abdominal wall after two pregnancies and wished to have a tummy tuck as well as some liposuction in her flank and inner thigh areas. She sought consultation with Dr. Juris Bunkis of Orange County Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, CA and all options were reviewed. The patient was interested in a Benelli breast lift with an incision just around the areolus. Dr. Bunkis explained that as dramatic lift could not be obtained. Dr. Bunkis performed a circumareolar Benelli mastopexy (breast lift) and inserted 300 cc silicone gel, high profile, Mentor style 4000 breast implants into her subpectoral spaces. He also performed an abdominoplasty and liposuctioned 1,000 from her abdominal wall and inner thighs using a PAL machine (power assisted liposuction). She loved the result initially but as the years past, "got over" wanting larger breasts and about ten years after her initial surgery asked Dr. Bunkis to remove her implants and do another breast lift. Dr. Bunkis performed a capsulectomy (excising the scar tissue around the implant) and explantation and at the same sitting converted her Benelli lift to a full anchor breast lift. She is very happy with the results again.


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