Newport Beach Facial Rejuvenation and Open Rhinoplasty by Dr. Juris Bunkis-OCPS*

Procedure Details

This 60 year old female presented with nasal tip fullness, droopy brows, jowls, a turkey neck, baggy lower eyelids and a weak chin. An endoscopic brow lift with screw fixation brought her eyebrows up to a more youthful position. Dr. Bunkis of Orange County Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, California performed a Natural A to V facelift and at the same sitting, inserted a Hanson Medical, size #1 anatomic chin implant. The bags under her lower lids were addressed with tear trough microfat grafting and she did not have a blepharoplasty. Her nasal tip fullness was addressed with an open tip rhinoplasty.


Orange County Plastic Surgery

*Actual patients of Dr. Bunkis. Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.