Minimally invasive facial rejuvenation at Orange County Plastic Surgery*

Procedure Details

This lady in her mid 50's wished minimally invasive facial rejuvenation and sought consultation with Dr. Juris Bunkis of Orange County Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, CA. She had had Botox many times for a deep vertical frown between her eyebrows and did not want to use Botox any longer but her eyebrows were in reasonable position and did not wish to have them raised further. She disliked her lower lid bags, tear troughs and fatty neck. She wished to have minimally invasive facial rejuvenation and did not want a facelift. Dr. Bunkis performed a glabellar myectomy (removal of the muscles between the brows that cause the vertical "11's" through an endoscopic brow lift approach behind the hairline but without elevating her already high brows), a lower eyelid blepharoplasty through an inconspicuous incision below the lower lid lash line, 3 cc per side of microfat grafting around her eyes and a suctioned 150 cc of fat from her neck through a tiny stab wound under the chin and behind each earlobe to giver her a result she was very pleased with.


Orange County Surgery Center

*Actual patients of Dr. Bunkis. Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.