dr juris bunkis

COVID-19 Update

What a week this has been! Most of us are at home and consumed by Coronavirus news, scrambling for supplies and food. I hear on the news this week that both China and Russia are sending plane loads of medical supplies to the United States! Looking through some old photographs, I came across this photograph my first OR nurse when I went into private practice in 1983, Evie Gray. I took my staff and other volunteers on many medical missions to the Hospital de la Familia in Guatemala, and yes, medical supplies were in short supply. We reused our masks and, at the end of each surgical procedure, unless we found a puncture, would wash our surgical gloves, hang them on this “glove tree” until they dried, and then resterilize them prior to the next procedure. Our patients all did well and we all made it through those relatively difficult time – and we will get through this COVID-19 crisis as well.

Our priority is, has been and always will be the health and well-being of patients, staff, friends and community. As noted in our last blog, due to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, and out of an abundance of caution, our office remains temporarily closed except for medically urgent situations.

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As of this writing, three quarters of the US population is living under some form of shelter-in-place order, and this approach is showing some positive results. Scientists predict that the pandemic will peak in about two weeks, but also tell us that the first hints are surfacing that social distancing measures are slowing the advance of the Coronavirus pandemic. Public health officials say this evidence underscores the importance of sheltering-in-place to blunt the spread of this increasingly deadly pandemic.

We continue to follow the progress of this pandemic as well as CDC and government guidelines and plan to keep our office closed until we are convinced that it is relatively safe to reopen. In the meantime, we are staying in touch with our patients by phone, e-mail or telemedicine consultations and follow-ups through https://doxy.me/drbunkis (please call to set up a virtual consultation time).

I would love give you a “return to normal” date and let you know when we will reopen, but I cannot do so at this time because the situation is so fluid. My best guess is that we will be returning to the office by the end of April or early May……….and SO look forward to seeing all of you then! But we will post a blog weekly to keep you informed. And don’t be shy about contacting us if you have any questions or concerns!

Stay safe, everybody!