Yesterday, Allergan recalled Biocell textured breast implants. The recall follows recently updated global safety information provided by the FDA that found a rare form of cancer, BIA-ALCL, was 6 times more likely in Allergan Biocell Implants than from other manufacturers marketing in the U.S. If you have one of these Biocell textured implants we strongly urge you to contact us and to review your options. Because of the increased chance of developing BIA-ALCL, Allergan will no longer sell these Biocell textured implants or Allergan Biocell Tissue Expanders. Allergan is not recommending removal of textured implants that have been inserted unless a patient has developed a seroma (swelling). In such cases, a needle aspiration will be performed to check for a tumor marker, and if found, a complete #capsulectomy will be necessary. In most cases, this removal of the capsule (scar) around the implant will result in a cure. If BIA-ALCL is found, Allergan will offer you a pair of smooth implants (BIA-ALCL has never been reported in patients with smooth surface implants) and pay up to $7,500 towards the surgical procedure.

Following insertion of any implant including orthopedic and cardiac, it is very important for patients to return for annual follow up visits. In this manner, we can update your contact information and keep you informed about any events like this Allergan textured implant recall. Patients who have not seen us in many years frequently change phone numbers, e-mail addresses, mailing addresses and sometimes even names and we have no way of contacting them. We encourage all breast implant patients to see Dr. Bunkis of Orange County Plastic Surgery annually.

Please contact our office if you have any questions about your breast implants.

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