What else do people get done when they are having a facelift?

What are the common additional procedures when doing a facelift?

An ancillary procedure or additional surgery is something that you do at the time of another procedure, and a good example would be the other smaller procedures we do at the time of a facelift (and I do more facelifts than anything in my practice). Examples include microfat grafting, chin augmentation, eyelid surgery or brow lift Newport Beach. When we do a facelift, we will very frequently harvest and transfer a little bit of fat into areas from areas where an excess has built up to where fat has been lost. If you look at most normal, thin people as they age, their faces become thinner, and you restore a more youthful look by adding some fat to the cheeks, to the Marionette lines or nasolabial folds, and also to lips. Especially in females, if lips get thinner, the lady will look older. Adding some fat to the lips will restore a more youthful look.

For me, by far, the most common ancillary procedure during a facelift is microfat grafting, especially to the cheek areas to restore the ‘V’ look of youth with the fullness over the cheeks instead of the deflated tire “A” look with heaviness down in the jowl area. Well, the second most common area would be the nasolabial folds, the marionette lines and the lips. But if you ask what the second most common ancillary procedure is besides fat grafting, I'd say eyelid surgery and brow lift Newport Beach surgery. If you define a facelift and you're talking basically about the jowls and the cheeks, you're not addressing the eyes, but a lot of folks who come in to have their faces done have baggy eyes or lose skin around their lids or have low brows. Not addressing these issues at the time of a facelift is analogous to painting half of your room or remodeling and leaving one wall unpainted when remodeling the house – when you are done, all you will be able to focus on is the unpainted portion. Likewise when doing a facelift, if you leave baggy eyelids undone, most people will fixate on the eyelids after surgery until they come back to have them addressed. The ancillary procedures are designed to balance the final result.

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