Fat Grafting for Breasts or Butt?

Can fat grafting be used to augment a buttocks or breast?

There are a couple of problems with fat grafting in breast and buttocks areas. I personally do not like to inject breasts because the fat that does not survive can calcify and cause little tiny drops of calcium to show up in your breasts, which will mess up a mammogram 15 or 20 years down the road. In the buttocks, it can be done more safely because you really don't care if you get a micro calcification in your buttocks because it is rarely necessary to X-ray the soft tissue of the buttocks. But the problem that I find from a clinical perspective with women wishing the buttocks injected is that most women who come in for this procedure are really thin, and don't have extra fat that can be used as donor material. When we fat graft lips, we need a tenth of an ounce, a very small amount of fat. Almost all of us have that much extra on us. But if you're trying to enhance a buttocks with fat grafts, you need a couple of cups or even a liter of fat for each side, but most of the very thin ladies who come in and ask for this procedure usually don't have enough donor fat to give up – most of these ladies are better candidates for buttocks implants.

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