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COVID-19 Update 4/24

Yes, that is me installing a new toilet at our jet hangar at the Chino airport! This is the 5th week of our COVID-19 shelter in place request from Orange County and my 5th straight week of not seeing patients or doing surgery – something I have not done since before starting medical school! It is not that I have not been busy. I sooooo appreciate what my staff does on a daily basis and cannot wait to have them back in the office! During this shut down, all practice phone calls, e-mails, FAX’s, paper mail, etc gets shuffled to my cell phone, desk or computer, in addition to my usual consular work, and I have been as busy as at any time in my career – but without income or a government bailout. Such crises bring out the best in some people, the worst in others. It breaks my heart to read that the level violence in the homes has gone up (but what would you expect if one cannot buy toilet paper, pasta, wheat or flour in stores but all liquor stores are open?). Scam artists and extortionists are having a field day. So, I cannot wait for this to crisis to end and for all of us to return to work!

Every problem has a bright side and most people are good. Companies like Tesla are making ventilators to meet demand and every indication now is that we have more than we need. Individuals are making masks at home and donating them to health care workers and first responders. Even Starbucks has donated over $1,000,000 worth of coffee to health care workers and first responders. Many positive things that have come from this quarantine! Parents are getting more in tune with what their children are learning at school and helping them get their work done. I still get up at the same time, around 5 am, every morning, so that has not changed. We have all spent more time at home and with family members, spending quality time with them, reconnecting in some instances, learning things we should have come to appreciate years ago, and taking care of our health. We have tried new recipes, learned how to bake bread, enjoyed home cooked meals, exercised more, gone on walks in our beautiful neighborhoods and have seen our blood pressure go down (mine has!). Our vegetable gardens looks fantastic. And yes, most of us have all taken care of our “honey do” lists! In the past, I would have called a contractor to replace a toilet or to put up some shelves – I had not done such things personally since I lived in my first house in New York while attending Columbia University during my residency. I found out (with some help from You Tube) that I still can do such chores. And I felt a great sense of achievement when I completed these little projects! I normally get a haircut every three to four weeks but now, without a haircut for about two months, I look like I’m ready for a motorcycle trip to Sturgis – but that’s OK and I will probably keep it a little longer in the future. All of the ladies used to going to a nail salon every three weeks have also found out that is possible to take care of your own nails and that it is not a necessity to go to a salon once or twice a month. I hope that some of the people who found that they can work from home just as efficiently will continue to do so – this definitely helps with traffic congestion and air quality no matter where you live!

I have seen a number of e-mails from local plastic surgeons discussing optimal timing regarding reopening offices and surgery centers. New COVID-19 protocols will be in place including always wearing masks, pretesting all surgery patients for COVID-19 exposure, additional hygiene measures, not allowing friends or family members accompany a family member into a surgical facility and more teleconferencing for pre-operative visits and for follow ups. Now that we are used to teleconferencing, it will become a permanent fixture in our office even after this pandemic is over and a vaccine for this disease has been found. I expect to be able to give you a more definitive answer next week about our reopening plans. The pandemic is not over but the worst is behind us.

Please call 949-888-9700 if you have any questions or visit our website at:

Our office remains temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have instituted a telemedicine consultation service online through - just please call us in advance to set up a time when we can chat. (Just click on this link to use after you call to alert me, and your name will pop up on my screen that you are waiting to talk to me). Save this link in your favorites or contacts. This service can be used for follow-up patients as well as new consultations.

Do stay in touch with us – we miss you!

Hope to see many of you soon!

Stay safe!

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orange county plastic surgery