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COVID-19 Update

The health and well-being of our patients, staff, friends, families and community remain our number one priority. That is why we have temporarily closed our office except for urgent issues and have taken the steps to keep all of us safe during the Coronavirus crisis. America – indeed the world – is experiencing a dangerous ongoing health and financial crisis. It seems like the news keeps getting worse daily and the numbers of infected patients and fatalities keep increasing. But for the first time, measures taken by all of us – staying home if you or someone in your home is showing any symptoms of the disease, sheltering in place, social distancing, washing hands thoroughly and frequently, wearing gloves, and now following the latest CDC recommendation, wearing masks whenever we are in public!

As of yesterday, Orange County had reached the 800 infected patients mark (in contrast, Los Angeles County has exceeded 6,000 cases of the disease). These numbers are lower than experts were predicating we’d see just a few weeks ago. When Governor Newsom issued the executive order sheltering in place all of us except those involved in essential sectors of our society, the prediction was that millions would contact the disease. Thank you for the unprecedented, bold early actions by President Trump, Governor Newsom and government officials at all levels, much has been done to blunt the impact of this pandemic. There has been an abundance of good news during the least two days! Even in places like New York and Los Angeles, “the curve” appears to be flattening and predictions are that the peak will be reached sooner than experts had predicted – thanks to all of our efforts to follow CDC recommendations. Until a vaccine or some definitive treatment for the disease is discovered, I doubt that we will return to the “normal” we remember prior to the outbreak of the pandemic. A boundary cannot be placed on this pandemic - things will NOT magically stabilize and return to normal after the peak is reached. It is more likely that we will see a more dynamic process with many ongoing peaks and valley. Frequent hand washing, wearing masks and gloves and social distancing may be our norm for a while. Be safe, wash your hands frequently with soap and water for 20 seconds, practice social distancing of at least 6 feet, do wear gloves and a mask when out in public, and above all find something POSITIVE in this situation. We will get through this! Spring is coming. Passover and Easter are coming. The stock market had an incredible rise yesterday and today in anticipation of the pandemic ending. And, if it is safe to do so, we hope to have our office reopened by the beginning of May! In the meantime, we will continue our teleconferencing system and seeing patients in the office with urgent needs on an individual basis. If you were getting Botox to help control migraine headaches, have a laceration, see a new skin growth or feel a lump in your breast, call us and I will arrange a time with you to come in and see you!

I would like to make a brief comment about the latest CDC recommendation that we wear a mask when in public. This recommendation is in contrast to earlier suggestions that wearing a mask will not help us from contacting the disease. There is some truth in both. If you are in prolonged contact with someone with the disease who coughs on you or you touch contaminated surfaces without gloves and then put your hand to your face, you can catch the disease and simple cotton or surgical masks will not protect you from the disease. But if you are an asymptomatic carrier of the disease or are infectious but have not manifested the disease yet, wearing a mask can prevent YOU from spreading water droplets containing the virus and infecting someone else. A mask is not necessary if you are outside by yourself taking a walk or working in your back yard – but if you will have contact with a neighbor or are going into a store, for everyone’s benefit, please wear a mask and gloves! There is a dire shortage of protective equipment for medical personnel and first responders. Public health messages have urged people to make their own face coverings, out of T-shirts, bandannas, scarves, or cloth napkins and there are many examples online on how to do this.

Please call 949-888-9700 if you have any questions or visit our website at: www.orangecountyplasticsurgery.com

Our office is temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have instituted a telemedicine consultation service online through https://doxy.me/drbunkis - just please call us in advance to set up a time when we can chat. (Just click on this link to use doxy.me after you call to alert me, and your name will pop up on my screen that you are waiting to talk to me). Save this link in your favorites or contacts. This service can be used for follow-up patients as well as new consultations.

Stay safe!