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COVID-19 Update

How We Feel About COVID-19

Hello from all of us at Orange County Plastic Surgery! We continue to follow all CDC guidelines and use common sense as we continue to provide our services to our communities. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (Public Health) expressed cautious optimism today that community spread of COVID-19 in L.A. County has slowed and that other key indicators are stabilizing.

The positive trends can be attributed to a variety of things, including more effort by people to wear masks and social distance, the decreased opportunities for transmission, particularly in high-risk settings. It helped that several weeks ago bars were closed, and the indoor operations of a variety of businesses and institutions were moved outdoors. Hopefully, we will continue this trend until a downward slope has been achieved. We need to keep doing the small things that will make a big difference. Please wear a mask in public, wash your hands frequently, physically distance and avoid gathering with others to do your share. I took a ride up the PCH to Malibu last Saturday, and down the coast to Carlsbad – lovely, but seeing the beaches crowded with few wearing masks gives one pause to think!

As of this morning, Congress is still bickering and cannot pass a stimulus bill to help those in need during this pandemic. I so long for the days when President Regan and Speaker of the House, Tip O’Neill, political opposites to be sure, could sit down over a beer and come up with a solution to any problem facing our nation! And the responses to the questions I sent out to our readers last week show how starkly we are divided as a nation – and that is not healthy for us!

Some good news – we are opening a Medical Spa with Maggie Perkins in Covina next week. The Spa will be called Frozen in Time and will be at 527 E Rowland St #110 in Covina. I will be seeing patients there for consultations on a regular basis. We will be starting with a physician’s assistant and an aestheticians. In addition to our own MD Performance product line, we will also offer the ZO product line by Dr. Zein Obagi. Our Grand Opening (masks required) will be next Thursday evening from 5:30 to 8 pm – please call Maggie to RSVP (626-383-0424) and hope to see you there. Because of the mask requirement, we will not be serving beverages or food but will have plenty of give aways. Any of our patients living closer to Covina than Newport Beach will find that a convenient spot to get your Botox, fillers, ThermiSmooth250 radiofrequency treatments or the non-surgical fat removal treatments with the advanced SculpSure device.

These are the questions I sent out with my last blog, inviting your comments, and here are some of the answers you shared with me:

  1. What emotions has the coronavirus epidemic evoked in you?
    • Sadness for so many families who are unable to provide for themselves and their children. Sadness for business owners who are losing their businesses
    • Fear, anger, sobbing, hopeful expectations, disbelief, distrust, isolation, depression, loneliness, improved faith in God vs none in the world
    • Mad at the government for lying to us Anger! I feel that this is being dragged many mixed messages from so called experts...I feel like There’s an ulterior motive to all this...number of cases & deaths have been padded etc! Many things I don’t agree with!
    • Angry with the government for not doing more to stop this
  2. How have you coped with the pandemic, emotionally and physically?
    • I ignore it and have refused to wear a mask.
    • Emotionally-communication with friends and family. Physically- in process of purchasing a new company
    • Going on with my life, keeping busy, eating out, walking weather permitted, getting together with family
    • Spent extra time walking, hiking, playing golf and trying to stay in touch by email with my family
    • I play golf about 3 times a week, but do not have any close contact with old friends
    • Read the Bible and encourage myself with the words of love
  3. What effect has this pandemic had on your family?
    • Not much
    • My husband’s work has definitely decreased
    • People look vacant wearing masks, you can’t talk, you can’t see them smile. It is very depressing to me.
    • None! My family feels the same as me and we ignore it
  4. How has this pandemic affected your relationship with your family and others?
    • Still get together with family & those friends who are not afraid. We don’t wear masks either!
    • Friendships have definitely become awkward as I won’t allow my family to be around those who are not mask adherent and those who believe COVID is a “hoax”
    • Actively helped downtown shop owners and tried to purchase as much as I can from them
    • We missed seeing everyone terribly, but we know the danger of close contact at this we Skype, text, make lots of phone calls to one another on a daily basis
  5. Do you have any personal experience with a family member or friend who contracted the virus?
    • That is why this seems overblown in our area. None of my friends know anyone who has had the virus. Not one respondent confirmed that they knew of an individual with COVID-19!
    • No neighbors. No relatives. No doctors. Why won’t anyone tell us how many active cases we have in our cities and counties? Why? We deserve to know this. No one is telling us the truth.

juris bunkis with motorcycle going to malibu

Getting ready to leave for Malibu on Saturday

To your health and well-being. Stay happy and persevere!

Drive safely, always wear a mask in public, social distance, continue to wash your hands frequently, and be safe!


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