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COVID-19 Update, please stay vigilant!

My suspicion and worry was confirmed by the LA Times this morning – COVID-19 hospitalizations are on the rise in parts of California, including Orange County. We have to stay vigilant, work from home when possible, wear our masks in public, observe social distancing, and wash our hands frequently! In our office, acrylic shields have been installed at the reception windows. This past weekend, the Orange County Beaches were crowded! You always see a few idiots walking around without a mask in stores, even those with a sign on the door that says you must wear a mask to enter - some patients even show up in my office without wearing a mask, even though we have a prominent sign on our door mandating the wearing of mask! I was surprised at Home Depot this past weekend to see two employees completely without a mask, and the checkout person at Pavilion’s with a mask on but the nose totally un-covered (a message to these people – it is not you I am worried about but I don’t want you infecting me!). Similarly, in Arizona, the numbers are rising – not surprising after hearing from co-workers that the River the last few weekends was full of revelers in boats tied up side to side on sand bars, and that the restaurants and river bars were full with people not wearing masks. It scares me to know that organizers in South Dakota are going ahead with their plan to encourage the motorcycle rally in Sturgis this summer to take place as usual! A quarter of a million people show up for that event – how many do you think will be wearing a mask? As a nation, it is good for us to reopen the economy responsibly, in a safe way, taking precautions to keep our employees and clients safe! But on a personal level, people should not yet socialize and make unessential trips out of their homes! Otherwise, the governments will be forced to shut down businesses again! And many more businesses will fail as a result of more closures!

On the medical front, I have not seen any new news regarding a vaccine. A widely available and universally utilized vaccine is what we will need to completely control this disease. In the meantime, other advances are continuing. I read this week that researchers in England have found a drug which can improve COVID-19 survival - a cheap, widely available steroid called dexamethasone reduced deaths by up to one third in severely ill hospitalized patients. And something else I found interesting is that researchers have shown that bald men have significantly higher death rates from COVID-19. Investigators at Brown University point to androgens, the group of hormones which causes hair loss in men, as the culprit for this finding. They’ve determined that androgens are linked to severe cases of Covid-19 and that androgens are the gateway for the virus to enter human cells. This is bad news for balding men but obviously, not much can be done about this prophylactically – especially for bald men, it is wisely recommended that they stay off the beach and out or River bars!

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On the lighter side, I made a “house call” last night. This goes to show what an old concept that is. When I mentioned “house call” to my employees this morning, one said, “What is a house call”? But I would do anything for a canine in need!

To your health and well-being. Stay happy and persevere!

Drive safely, wear a mask in public, continue to wash your hands frequently, and be safe!

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