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COVID-19 Update

Another week has passed in these unprecedented COVID times. Our office remains open, and our team continues to grow in strength and talent. Going to work and serving our community has never felt so good.

I am happy to announce that Katie Finaldi has joined us as a Medical Assistant and Front Office Coordinator and we are delighted to welcome her to the practice and to our team.

Stevie Alexander is back as Medical Assistant and using her talents to keep you informed and up-to-date on the best-and-latest as Social Media Coordinator. She also keeps me on track acting as my personal assistant breezing through tasks that would take me hours!

Jo Cattell is back full time coordinating surgical procedures and carrying patients through the process from first contact to final visit with lots of patient support in between.

I am so proud of my staff and the value that they bring to you and the practice!

With the capable help of the staff, the practice continues to have a comprehensive COVID-19 protocol in place and our patients can feel as safe here as they do in their own homes.

Across the country, business are opening and curves are on the downward trend. The CDC came out with a new finding that spread of the corona virus by touching contaminated surfaces is very unlikely – basically, corona virus is spread by having people cough or sneeze on someone else, and wearing masks will be with us to stay until a vaccine is widespread and most people have been immunized. But overall, the future is looking much brighter.

Unfortunately, the George Floyd incident threw a monkey wrench into our progress forward as a community and as a country. No one can justify asphyxiating someone – at our San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department where I am a volunteer sheriff’s deputy, choke holds of any kind are prohibited and they should be, in my opinion, in all law enforcement departments. But does anyone ask why the suspect was apprehended or why it was necessary to use restraint to subdue him? Does it make sense to any of you why someone would burn their own neighborhood, or damage and loot stores in their own neighborhood? Last night on my way home from the office, I stopped at the Tustin Marketplace District to catch a meal but was surprised to find all of the stores and most of the restaurants closed “in anticipation of violence” – in Tustin? Just think of all the poor business owners who are taking additional loses now with our latest crisis. When will all this end and allow us to return to normal?

We need now to stand in solidarity against violence and continue to protect and care for one another as the founding documents of this country and all the rich variety of spiritual practices in our country teach us.

To your health and well-being. Stay happy and persevere!

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