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COVID-19 Update 5/13

A big hello to all of our patients and friends. The response to these blogs has been amazing – it has produced the most feedback that I have ever gotten after writing something, including the many scientific articles and book chapters I have published over the years. Thank you for reading these, for your encouragement, and your support.

Last Saturday, I took my Arlen Ness customized Victory Vision motorcycle (my favorite touring bike) up the mountains into the San Bernardino National Forest, up highway 8, to Big Bear. I could not believe the thousands of people enjoying picnics and up to their calves in the Mountain Home Creek! Big Bear Lake, with snow in the surrounding mountains, looked so beautiful. Everything looked so normal up there!

Yes, we have opened our office and are functioning as normally as we can, with all of the COVID-19 precautions in place. It feels so good to be seeing patients and doing surgery again! We appreciate your trust as we adapt to this evolving situation; we are strictly following the Center for Disease Control’s recommendations regarding COVID-19 risk mitigation and doing everything we can to keep you and our staff safe and healthy. We are taking a health history of all persons coming to our office, from patients, vendors and staff alike, and ask that you stay away if you have a fever or ANY symptoms of illness. We insist that everyone in our office wear a mask and we are taking cleanliness to a new level. All patients wishing to have a surgical procedure in the Surgery Center are also requested to have a COVID-19 swab test 48 hours prior to surgery. We have ordered acrylic shields to isolate our front desk from patients checking in and out of our office. In many ways, you will be safer today at our office, at Home Depot or the grocery store than you would have been last year before all this started. We have not tested a single patient who turned out to be positive for COVID-19 – nor, quite honestly, do I know of a single person, either friend, family member, patient, staff member or acquaintance, in Orange County who has contracted the disease. That having been said, the threat of COVID-19 exposure exists and we will continue to take all precautions recommended by the CDC.

Yes, a vaccine is coming! Yes, we will get through this!

We will be safer than we have ever been in the future!

Please call 949-888-9700 if you have any questions or visit our website at:

orange county plastic surgery

orange county plastic surgery

Thanks for staying in touch and for coming back!

Stay safe!