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COVID-19 Update 5/20

Thank you all for your support! There is a light at the end of the tunnel! You did see the news earlier this week, right? A company from Cambridge, Massachusetts, Moderna, announced an encouraging report on Monday about the first coronavirus vaccine to be tested in people, and not just in the lab. The manufacturer said the vaccine appears to be safe and able to stimulate an immune response in a Phase 1 trial. All subjects receiving the vaccine developed antibodies to the disease but it is still unclear if the presence of antibodies will prevent someone from catching the disease. No, we will not have a vaccine readily available by next week – much more testing is required to insure the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. And once a vaccine is approved, it will take months to manufacture enough to have an adequate supply available not only for all Americans, but for all citizens of this beautiful earth. But there is a rainbow at the end of the tunnel!

Our office has now been open a few weeks and we are working safely, pretty well to capacity. Staffing issues have not been solved completely yet but we are making progress. As I’ve mentioned before, our beloved PA, Crystal Osborn, has moved to Florida and will not be coming back, except to visit – when she does, we will try to arrange a party at OCPS some evening so you and all come and wish her well in person. I have contacted the administration at the school Crystal came from, the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, about sending us some candidates to join our practice. They have asked me to join their staff and take PA students to help train them in our practice – this will allow me to continue teaching, something I really enjoy, and give us a stream of potential candidates to view until we find a worthy replacement for Crystal.

Our office could not function without our office manager, Jo Cattell, being here every day and we thank her for all that she does for us! Jo got a new chocolate lab puppy just before we opened and I was able to arrange to have my daughter, Jessica Bunkis, puppy sit for Jo to allow her to come in to work.

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Our medical assistant, Stevie, is busy home schooling her son and is not back at the office yet. We do have a new medical assistant, Timara Barr, and all who have met her like her very much. And because we expect the practice to grow, I am now searching for another medical assistant – a company from Pennsylvania, Build My Team, is helping me find an ideal candidate. I have a special pearl to share with all of you today. During this COVID crisis, I have watched Dr. Deborah Ekstrom launch her podcast, Money Loves Women, and I would encourage all of you to watch it. I will ask Dr. Ekstrom to write up an introduction to her podcast and will send it out to all of you later this week. Please do look at it, help her move up the podcast rankings on iTunes. Her podcast interviews are very informative and, actually, entertaining. And they are completely free! You can sign up for information about her podcast at this site

We will be safer than we have ever been in the future!

Please call 949-888-9700 if you have any questions or visit our website at:

Thanks for staying in touch and for coming back!