Labiaplasty and ThermiVa® Gain Popularity

Labial reduction and vaginal tightening procedures are some of the newest fields of plastic surgery.   For the first time annual American Society of Plastic Surgeons stats include data on labiaplasty, which the organization began tracking in 2015. The procedure which rejuvenates the labia by excising excess tissue, lifting and/or injecting fat or filler into the area, increased by 39 percent in 2016, with more than 12,000 procedures.

Female external genitalia vary depending on age and hereditary factors.    Enlarged or asymmetrical labia minora can lead to embarrassment or hurtful comments, and can make it difficult to find bathing suits, panties or jeans that do not show the bulge.   Many females chose a labial reduction to end their self- consciousness! Vaginal tightening can be achieved with a series of noninvasive, ThermiVa® Radiofrequency procedures that are performed in an office setting by our physician’s assistant, Crystal Osborne.   The ThermiVa® treatments decrease the size of external labia but not as dramatically as a labiaplasty can. In addition, ThermiVa® treatments tighten the vaginal vault, help with stress incontinence, improve lubrication and improve the quality of orgasm. To optimize results with the noninvasive ThermiVa® procedure, a series of three treatments performed a month apart are recommended.    A follow up procedure is recommended every six months to maintain the results.

Labia can be reduced with a simple, outpatient surgical procedure which can be performed under sedation in a surgery center or under local anesthesia in the office.   A labiaplasty is an operation in which excess tissue is removed from enlarged or protruding labia minora. This is accomplished by excising a wedge of excess labial tissue.   This procedure is frequently combined with other aesthetic operations such as liposuction, breast enhancements or other unrelated procedures. A common question is, "How long will the results of a labiaplasty last?" In general, it is not necessary to repeat this procedure to maintain the optimal result, even following pregnancies.   

ThermiVa treatment

ThermiVa treatment with the radiofrequency probe.


22 year old female, self-conscious about her protruding labia, before and after a labiaplasty. Actual patient of Dr. Bunkis, your results may vary.

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