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Since I started working at OCPS, I’ve had the opportunity to assist Dr. Bunkis in numerous surgeries in the operating room and in-office. Just to name a few, we’ve done rhinoplasties, mommy makeovers, labiaplasties, facelifts, and blepharoplasties. We’ve also done laceration and earlobe repairs and skin excisions. So let me ask you a question: why did you come to a plastic surgeon rather than another doctor for such services? Not only is Dr. Bunkis able to transform and enhance your features, but overtime, there will be minimal scarring. Why is that?

Our bodies have invisible lines that indicate the orientation and direction of the underlying collagen fibers in the dermis. These lines are called skin tension lines or Langer’s lines. Aligning incisions with skin tension lines results in minimal tension across the closure sites, and leads to optimal scar formation.

A few weeks ago, while Dr. Bunkis was out of town, I had a patient come in with a laceration after a cat scratched her lower eyelid. Not only was she really lucky that the eye itself was not affected, but she came to the right place! After introducing myself, I talked to the patient to get a better understanding of the incident, we went over her medical history, and discussed the next steps. I handed her the mirror as I visually explained my approach for the laceration repair so she would know what to expect during and at the end of the procedure and that I would have to debride some nonviable tissue. I discussed how to clean the sutures and instructed her to come back at the end of the week to remove her sutures.

Once completed, her suture line fell right on top of a natural wrinkle found on her lower eyelid. Therefore, with time, her scar will naturally blend in and no one will notice that she had a laceration! The patient and I could already tell a huge difference shortly after removing her sutures, as seen in the photos. This is another example of what PAs are capable of doing in plastic surgery. With my thorough background on laceration repairs from PA school and my additional training with Dr. Bunkis regarding tension lines, I am confident that my patient made the right decision coming to OCPS.

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