Josh Turner concert at Indian Ranch - (yes, excellent seats)

COVID-19 Update

The High Cost Of Covid!

Josh Turner concert at Indian Ranch - (yes, excellent seats)

Dr. Bunkis felt very “celebrated” this past week – numerous posts, cards and messages from friends around the globe, his Orange County staff threw a birthday dinner for him, the Salisbury Plastic Surgery crew did as well and included a visit by a “bag lady”, and Dr. Ekstrom and Dr. Bunkis celebrated a day at Indian Ranch, enjoying music by Ayla Brown and Josh Turner. How quickly the years seem to fly by! The adventures just keep piling up. Yes, Dr. Bunkis operated on both coasts this past week. We both have traveled a lot these past two years and frequently get asked about the flying experience and if we felt “safe” flying. Safety wise, we do not have any concerns with flying. Onboard aircraft and anywhere in the airport, people wear masks and all of the major airlines are equipped with hospital-grade HEPA filters which remove 99.8% of particles, both bacteria and viruses, from the air. Airports and airplanes are not unsafe - the drive to the airport, a trip to a restaurant or concert, shopping, or visiting with friends or family pose much higher risks than flying.

The COVID spike continues. Last week we spoke about the positive effect of FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine. Within hours of the announcement, the Pentagon, many large health care systems, government agencies, and many large companies and universities announced new vaccine mandates. We need more of those, particularly in states with lower vaccination levels! Vaccines actually work and protect us from COVID – the CDC officially warned us that taking Ivermectin, a deworming medicine for livestock, does NOT prevent COVID and should not be taken by human beings. People overdosing on Ivermectin have required medical support and hospitalization. The CDC posted on Twitter: “You are not a horse, you are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it.” Yet usage continues to spike.

In California, Democratic lawmakers unfortunately dropped a proposal to mandate vaccinations throughout the State. We are not big fans of more government regulation but do see the validity of mandating vaccinations because of the enormous cost to our society that this pandemic has caused – and is now being perpetuated largely by the unvaccinated. The hospitals and ICU’s are full of mainly unvaccinated people. Who do you think will pay these bills in the future? We have a moral obligation to get as many people fully vaccinated, as quickly as possible!

How many trillions has this pandemic cost our governments and businesses? Who do you think will be paying this bill in the future? How do you think restaurants, the travel industry, shop-owners and all others hurt by the pandemic will recover? The Delta variant, now largely spread by the unvaccinated, is slowing the progress of the US economic recovery from the pandemic, with consumers cutting back on traveling, leisure spending and even purchase of everyday items. Businesses are delaying a return to normal operations. Dr. Bunkis belongs to the Los Angeles Consular Corps – they normally hold a monthly luncheon meeting in LA but since COVID started, these meetings have occurred virtually. Granted, this has saved all of us some driving time, but we have not had the advantage of in-person contacts and our luncheon venues have lost revenue. In states where COVID infections are surging, hospitals and ICU’s are full and doctors are again being asked to curtail elective surgeries. Our practices were completely shut down for a few months in 2020 and we certainly do not want to go through that again! Think of the enormous strain this pandemic has caused the elderly. We can use our 94 and 95 year old mothers as examples of people who have been isolated from seeing their families and especially their grandchildren and great grandchildren at a high emotional cost. We cannot imagine the stress on young people whose social lives have been curtailed. Similarly single adults dating lives have been impaired. Please help spread the word and encourage all people eligible for the vaccines to get vaccinated!

Dr. Bunkis celebrated his birthday this week.

Dr. Bunkis celebrated his birthday this week.

Get vaccinated! Encourage friends to get vaccinated!

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