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Grateful for our wonderful patients!

By July 11, 2022July 12th, 2022No Comments

July 6, 2022: Orange County Plastic Surgery Soirée Mixer

Drs Compoginis, Ekstrom and I are always so grateful for our incredible patients. So many of you have truly become our friends over the years. And even those we just see for an annual follow up are dear to us and we are happy to see you. We are so blessed to love our professions and you, our patients, are the reason our jobs are so gratifying.

As a small token of our appreciation, we had an Office Soirée this past week and were pleased to see so many of our patients, many who we had not seen for years, come back to say hello to us and reconnect. I personally so enjoyed introducing Drs Compoginis and Ekstrom to our Orange County Plastic Surgery family. We used to hold these evening events with some regularity but COVID put a hold on social activities and this was our first attempt to organize a relatively normal social engagement.

Thank you to all who came – we look forward to seeing you again, and to seeing you and those who could not make it at our next Soirée in the fall. And, by the way, aside from our patients, our staff, both here in Orange County and at Salisbury Plastic Surgery in Massachusetts, are what brings the most joy to our daily existence. Thank you for doing what you do and for making our offices run so smoothly! You all make coming to work every day a pleasure! Thanks again.

Spotlight on Plastic Surgery – How Your Face is Like an Overstuffed Chair Dr. Deborah Ekstrom

Faces age in a predictable and consistent way as we get older. Thinking of your face with the analogy of an overstuffed chair makes it easy to visualize. With aging, the bones of your face and skull get thinner, which makes your face shorter from the top to bottom. Your eye sockets get bigger relative to your eyes (causing them to sink in a bit). The bones get smaller in relationship to the skull and muscles throughout your face. While the bones are shrinking, facial fat is programmed to go away, and the skin becomes less elastic.

To illustrate this concept, think about your face like an overstuffed chair. Imagine that the wooden frame on the inside is shrinking and the dog pulled wads of stuffing out of the chair. The contouring fabric on the outside is getting a little stretched out, especially where you sit on the chair and there are some stains on the upholstery. That’s similar to what is happening to your face.

So what to do? Well, you can treasure and appreciate that chair for its patina and the vintage piece that it is. (It was your grandma’s, after all). Or you can choose to spruce up that chair. Now the shrinking frame (bone resorption), is not entirely fixable. But you may be able to bolster it here and there (say… a chin implant).

What you can do is replace the padding to bring back the contour (and make up for some bone loss). Possibilities include grafting in some fat, a stimulant injection (like Sculptra), or various kinds of filler like Juvéderm and Restylane. The first are more long lasting, and the second, more temporary. Finally, you can tighten and reposition the fabric and clean off the stains (e.g. face lift, skin resurfacing, skin bleaching, and Retin-A®). Your chair won’t look brand new, but the improvement will make the difference between putting it out in the kids’ rec room for the dog to enjoy or positioning it proudly in your parlor for all to enjoy!

No right, no wrong… only what works for you.

To your success, beauty, and happiness —

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