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Harvard-Trained Plastic Surgeon Brings Decades Of Expertise To Field

Juris Bunkis brings nearly 40 years’ experience to his plastic surgery practice. He also serves as Consul General for the Lativian Consulate in Los Angeles. (Orange County Plastic Surgery)

Introducing OCPS’s newest member, Dr. John Compoginis

Dr. Bunkis designed Orange County Plastic Surgery (OCPS) in Newport Beach, Calif. as a state-of-the-art plastic surgery office with your well-being in mind. Under the direction of Dr. Juris Bunkis, Orange County Plastic Surgery provides a caring and comfortable environment and the very latest advances in cosmetic surgery of the face, breast and body. In fact, OCPS’s natural approach to facial rejuvenation, breast surgery, body contouring (including pectoral/buttocks/calf implants) makes it one of the premier facial rejuvenation and full body plastic surgery centers not only in Newport Beach but in all of California. Dr. Bunkis’ office in Newport Beach is conveniently located next to John Wayne Airport. Dr. Bunkis stays busy through word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied patients, who site Dr. Bunkis’ caring, attentive approach and expert surgical skills. “I make it a priority to really listen to the patient’s concerns — our goal is to help our patients achieve their aesthetic surgery goals and as a result, feel better about themselves.” Dr. Bunkis also sees patients at Salisbury Plastic Surgery in Worcester, Mass. and does surgery at The Surgery Center in Shrewsbury, Mass.

Dr. Bunkis specializes in the newest techniques for face and brow lifts, including the mid face and short scar face lifts, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), minimally invasive brow lifts, microfat grafting, rhinoplasty, liposuction, abdominoplasty, breast reduction/uplift through the short scar techniques, augmentation mammoplasty (breast enlargement), pectoral/buttocks/calf implants, and the current rage, labial reduction (labiaplasty) and buttocks enhancements. If your goal is to look younger or better, Dr. Bunkis can help. Bringing together the very special talents and surgical expertise of its professional staff, Dr. Bunkis offers an array of exclusive anti-aging treatments to help you recapture that youthful glow. Best of all, the center’s computer-imaging system will allow you to get a sneak preview of the expected outcome from your desired surgical procedure. There is also a state-of-the-art laser suite featuring a variety of lasers especially adapted to treat fine lines and wrinkles, spider veins, rosacea and other pigmented lesions of the face and body. In addition, Orange County Plastic Surgery offers a full line of skin care products and custom-designed skin care programs.

Dr. Juris Bunkis’ distinctions and qualifications:
  • Harvard trained plastic surgery expert
  • Double Board certified in Plastics and General
  • Almost 40 years’ experience in aesthetic surgery
  • Orange County’s premiere facial and body rejuvenation center

Patch had a chance to talk with Dr. Juris Bunkis of Orange County Plastic Surgery.

Patch: How long have you been in the medical/healthcare field?

Dr. Bunkis:

I graduated from University of Toronto Medical School in 1974 and have been in private practice, specializing in cosmetic surgery exclusively, since 1983. Upon graduating from the University of Toronto Medical School in 1974, I completed a general surgery residency at Columbia and Harvard universities. This was followed by board certification in general surgery. I subsequently returned to Harvard University to complete a residency in plastic and reconstructive surgery. In 1981, I joined the plastic surgery faculty at the University of California at San Francisco School of Medicine as Assistant Professor of Surgery, Division of Plastic Surgery and was subsequently appointed Chief of Plastic Surgery at the San Francisco General Hospital. I am a diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery and a fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

Patch: What kind of medicine/services do you or your organization/practice specialize in?

Dr. Bunkis:

During medical school, I enjoyed the surgical specialties the most and accepted a general surgical residency at Columbia University. During this residency, I was exposed to many subspecialties and what I enjoyed the most was major head and neck cancer surgery, reconstruction of birth defects and upon completion (and Board Certification) of my general surgery training, I went to Harvard University, which was very involved with major head and neck reconstruction, particularly for children with birth defects. When my own children were born and I wanted more time with them, I transitioned into an aesthetic practice that did not require night calls.

Patch: How do you and your organization/practice stay up-to-date with healthcare advancements?

Dr. Bunkis:

I belong to most of the major plastic surgery organizations, in the U.S. and Internationally, I attend meetings and teach. I am a member of the numerous prestigious plastic surgery organizations including the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Plastic Surgery Research Council, the Massachusetts Medical Society and the California Society of Plastic Surgeons. I have published approximately 50 scientific articles and book chapters. Surgeons and patients from around the world frequently visit me for my expert advice.

Patch: What’s your favorite thing about being a doctor/ healthcare professional?

Dr. Bunkis:

My favorite part of being a plastic surgeon is seeing first-hand how patients feel more confident after their procedures/treatments. I appreciate being part of a patient’s transformative journey as they reach their aesthetic goals. I am lucky to have such grateful, returning patients that make this profession all worth it.

Patch: How does your training, experience and specialties in your field distinguish you from others in your profession?

Dr. Bunkis:

I am a Harvard trained, double-board certified Plastic Surgeon. I have almost 40 years’ experience in the field as well as having been on the plastic surgery faculty at the University of California at San Francisco School of Medicine as Assistant Professor of Surgery, Division of Plastic Surgery and was subsequently appointed Chief of Plastic Surgery at the San Francisco General Hospital.

Patch: What does a typical day on the job look like for you?

Dr. Bunkis:

I average two hours daily on consular duties. My day starts at 3:30 a.m. with a workout and breakfast, usually in the office by 5 a.m. for a few quiet hours taking care of paperwork, writing blogs, etc. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, I am in surgery and see patients afterwards. I see patients all day Tuesdays and Thursdays. I usually leave the office around 6 p.m. I do this approximately three weeks each month and spend a week operating at Salisbury Plastic Surgery in Worcester, Mass.

Patch: Do you have any upcoming events in your organization/community?

Dr. Bunkis:

We have a Practice Open House at our 4501 Birch St. office in early July. Check for updates on our website.

Patch: Are there any other interesting facts about you that you’d like to share?

Dr. Bunkis:

I am the Honorary Consul General for the Republic of Latvia in Southern California. I am also a commercial jet pilot, an avid Harley/custom bike rider, scuba diver and a volunteer deputy sheriff with the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department.

Patch: How can Patch readers learn more about your organization/practice?

Dr. Bunkis:

Patch readers can learn more about me and my practice on the Orange County Plastic Surgery website. People can get more information on Facebook and Instagram. To learn more the Latvian Consulate in Los Angeles readers can visit the website or Facebook page.

If you would like to contact Dr. Ekstrom or Dr. Bunkis,
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