We hope that all of you will join us for our 2023 Kick Off Soirée on Jan 19th.

Our event begins at 5 pm and will take place in Suite A of our building at 4501 Birch Street in Newport Beach, in our Surgery Center lobby.

Drs. John and Staci Compoginis, Dr. Ekstrom and I will be there to answer your questions, as well as representatives from Mentor, Galderma, ZO skin care and BioTe will join us and provide you with information about their products – and provide us with many valuable gifts, which will be raffled on our famous “wheel”.

Mentor Corporation has donated the Grand Prize, a free pair of silicone gel implants!

This will be a great way for those of you who have not met Drs. Compoginis or Ekstrom to do so.

Dr. Staci Compoginis, a PhD nutritionist, will share some advice to help us all live a more healthy fashion in 2023. Drs. Compoginis and Ekstrom do some things a little differently from the way I do and you can learn what they are bringing to OCPS. And more than anything, this gives us an opportunity to thank you for being our loyal patients and friends, many of you for close to 40 years now!

If you need help with an RSVP please email Sasha (sasha@ocps.com) or give her a call / text at 650-995-6563 and she will be able to register for you!

Please RSVP with this link below if you will be attending!

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