Radio Frequency Skin Tightening in Newport Beach

Collagen and elastin are two key substances that naturally occur in your skin. Elastin makes your skin resilient, and collagen provides strength and structure. For younger people in Newport Beach, their bodies easily replenish elastin and collagen. As you get older, though, your body doesn’t produce enough of these substances, and your skin suffers as a result. The lines and wrinkles that you see on your face are caused by sagging skin that lacks strength, structure, and resilience.

RF skin tightening uses radio frequency energy to gently heat the layers of your skin and stimulate elastin and collagen production. Treatment with RF energy produces gradual improvements in your appearance, and the results may last for several years.

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How Does RF Skin Tightening Work?

Lines and wrinkles are the results of insufficient elastin and collagen levels in the dermis of your skin. Most skin care products don’t penetrate this deep, and this is why they don’t work well for anti-aging and tightening the skin on your face. RF skin care treatments are designed to reach this deeper layer of skin. The RF energy heats the tissues of the dermis and triggers your body’s natural healing process, part of which involves the creation of new collagen and elastin.

Collagen and elastin production after a radio frequency treatment takes time, and you see a gradual skin tightening. Many people in Orange County prefer this to the more dramatic and obvious changes that come from having plastic surgery. Additionally, our Thermi® RF skin lifting treatment doesn’t require any downtime. Best of all, the results of skin tightening by way of boosted collagen production may last for several years.

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Thermi® RF Skin Tightening Procedure

Our Thermi® RF is a non-surgical treatment. We start by cleansing your skin and applying a gel. A small incision is made in your skin for the cannula that delivers the RF energy. As the radiofrequency energy starts to work in the deep dermis layer of your skin, you may notice a slight warming sensation. Most people find the treatment to be very relaxing. The entire procedure only takes about 30 to 60 minutes.

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Candidates

Our RF skin tightening treatment works best for people who have mild to moderate wrinkling that is caused by sagging skin. If you want to look younger without plastic surgery, call us to schedule a consultation.

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Benefits of Thermi® RF Skin Tightening

There are many benefits of a radio frequency facial that appeal to people. The RF energy reduces wrinkles and lines without surgery and downtime. Thermi® RF is one of the best radio frequency skin tightening machines available, and we are proud to offer this advanced treatment to our patients.

The Thermi® RF skin tightening machine is designed with controls that allow us to precisely adjust the settings to your skin type and cosmetic issues. Additionally, the skin tightening device can be used on your face and areas of your body that may have sagging skin. Due to the amount of collagen that can be produced with a professional RF skin tightening machine, you enjoy years of anti-aging benefits.

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Non-Surgical Facelift with Thermi® RF Skin Tightening

At Orange County Plastic Surgery, we offer a non-surgical radiofrequency facelift with the Thermi® RF system. Treating the facial skin with RF energy results in more collagen and elastin in the deep layer. This adds volume and corrects sagging skin that causes wrinkles and creases. Facial slimming with radio frequency energy is one of the best minimally-invasive techniques for creating a younger appearance without plastic surgery. The benefits of radio frequency skin tightening last for several years.

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