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Speaker 1: Probably the real drivers were the fact that I was getting good amounts of sleep, but in the morning I was waking up and I was looking kind of tired, kind of mileage shown. And I started doing a little research on the issues with the lower bleph and the upper bleph, so for prompted the next step. It was one of wanting to be and look more rejuvenated after a good night's sleep. 

In reading and researching people and doctors that are fairly well known, I was introduced to Dr. Bunkis up in the Bay Area when he was up in Black Hawk, and he still is up there, but commuting down here. I just got to know the quality of a man he is. He's a great family man. But I looked at other characteristics of a board certified surgeon. I want to know what they do in their off season, and he's one who has given back so much to humanity and has gone to Third World countries and performed procedures on those less fortunate. And to me, that was a milestone in differentiating him from so many others. 

The beauty of this whole experience was I came in for an upper bleph and Dr. Bunkis ... we talked about it briefly, but he took the initiative and he did the chin implant and tightened me up which just made me look even better. It's kind of like if you're going to go get a car serviced, just as well do it front to back, side-to-side, and to me, that really impressed me, because he is one who looks ahead and I just trust his judgment. The chin implant was very, very timely because it all happened at the same time. 

I am 66 and I guess the advice I would give to another man or other men is it's a human thing. If you feel good, you want to look good. Granted, we all have various features that make us look better than others. It's not a vanity issue as much it is I take pride in how I look. I love to exercise and I try to complement the inner health with the outer beauty. It's the way I was born, but at the same time, if it can help me and project someone who takes pride in how they look, how they feel, I think it personifies our humanity within the world. 

Something that is near and dear to my heart is I was wounded in Vietnam on 8 January 1969 when, as a tank commander with an armored cab unit, my tank was hit by three rocket-propelled grenades from the North Vietnamese. Those rocket-propelled grenades penetrated and literally ripped up my legs. I did not walk for over a year. In fact, I came very close to losing my right leg, but I was wounded in both lower extremities. 

The scars still remain, but at the same time, when I walk and exercise, I walk a lot during the week. I walk five miles every Saturday and Sunday, and I just wanted to feel good. It helps offset the ugliness of what the shrapnel wounds did to my legs, and by feeling rejuvenated, I would share with any man that you're a creation of God and you're a beauty, and each has its own beauty. Such is the reason that I chose to go see Dr. Bunkis. 

Compared to what I experienced, it was nothing. The procedure itself was pain-free. I did have some swelling, but post-procedural icing, everything that I was told to do and take care of was very beneficial because it helped me through the process.