Orange County Plastic Surgery Patient Testimonial - Facelift

Orange County Plastic Surgery Patient Testimonial - Facelift


Speaker 1: Well, I considered having plastic surgery for the first time because, I felt young inside and I wanted to look as good on the outside as I felt on the inside. 

Yes. I had a mid-face lift done.

It's been about six years ago.

Well, I kinda had these jowls that were here and I wanted those kinda, lifted up where I didn't look like ... I was as tired. And I think it brightened my smile. And I think it just made me feel better.

Well actually, I saw a seminar that Doctor Bunkis was going to be having in Santa Margarita and I told my husband I said, "I think I'd like to go to that." And so, I drug him down there with me and he and Doctor Bunkis hit it off really, really well. Consequentially, I ended up having the procedure done with Doctor Bunkis and have been extremely pleased with it.

I would say to anyone that's considering doing a mid-face lift if it is something that you look in the mirror and you see that you think can be corrected that will make you feel better and look better. By all means, do it.

Yes. My recovery was very easy. I have a very high tolerance for pain, anyway. And I didn't even take any pain medication. Although, Doctor Bunkis did prescribe it for me if I needed it, I didn't.

It's been about six years since I had my mid-face lift, and if I feel that I need to have a touch up or something else stares back at me in the mirror that I'm not happy with, I'll call Doctor Bunkis up and have him take care of it.