Orange County Patient Testimonial - Facelift

Orange County Patient Testimonial - Facelift


Tina Bunkis: My name is Tina Bunkis and I take care of the marketing. 

Dr. Bunkis' philosophy with surgery is first and foremost to educate his patients. He takes long consultations, lots of time to answer all questions that patients may have, and therefore we feel that with all the education, that they make very good sound decisions for themselves. 

Dr. Bunkis and I have been married for eight years. We have known about each other for a lot longer than that, but it's been a wonderful, wonderful time. 

Combined, we have four children. We have two sons that were actually born on the very same day. They met each other when they were just three years old in preschool, and we also have two girls and they are in the same grade level, so they're six months apart, but about the same age, too, at 25. 

I have had some surgery done by Dr. Bunkis when I was not even married to him. I did my research and did go to him for a breast aug. This I did at I think around age 45, after I'd breast fed children and nipples were facing the ground, and thought okay, let's change this. Because that surgery went so very well, I was so happy, that I actually have had a facelift with him, too. Well, what I wanted to do, to be honest, is to let's have surgery with him first with something that people don't see, and then having my face done, I trusted him to have my face done with him, too. 

I decided to have my facelift done and I was actually 47 years old. Some people think that that's too early to do such a surgery, but for me, I had already started to jowl right here and it was bothering me. When I would wear turtlenecks in the wintertime, the skin would just sit on top of that, and I just didn't like that. I knew that inevitably someday I would have a facelift, and I thought why wait? Let's just get it done now and what it does, it rolls back the time about 10 years, so it's fun to be 10 years younger looking than your friends. That's why I did it. 

Speaker 2: How many years-

Tina Bunkis: Boy, I'd have to look at my chart notes, but I would say five years now. 

Recovery for me was actually very easy. A facelift is not painful. What surgeries are, are the ones where you're cutting beneath muscles, but for me, and because I work here now, I had surgery on a Friday and was back in work by Monday. And because of this place, I can look black and blue. It's okay. 

Yes, Dr. Bunkis did have a facelift recently over Christmastime in Austria, and it went very well. And for all of you to know, he was also a very good patient. Within a day or two, he was actually out shopping. It was Christmas Eve, and just did some last minute shopping. Yeah, he looks very good now. 

Yes, we have developed our own skincare line, and this happened actually when the economy had slowed down. We thought with the other brands, professional skincare brands that we were using in the office, that we would create our own. I went back to UCLA and took science, chemistry, ingredient classes again, and with Dr. Bunkis' help, we searched for a lab that would agree with our philosophies and thoughts, and have found that, and we now have our very own professional brand of skincare that is made of plants. It is perfume-free. It is just very good, natural. 

To take care of women or men with their skin, whether they're contemplating skincare products or surgery, our philosophy is to be conservative first. We do skincare analysis here, so you can tell whether a person has been in the sun for years playing tennis or whatever, how weathered their skin is, that that kind of a person would probably need surgery, to be honest, that skincare alone really won't fix that. 

I believe the number one thing that separates Dr. Bunkis from all the other plastic surgeons in Newport Beach would be his education, that going to Harvard and Columbia, always being an A student, he's been in practice for just about 30 years, he teaches other plastic surgeons, his method, too ... they come and visit from all around the world and follow him, shadow him in surgery and also in our office to learn how we do consultations. I think just the time that he spends, just the man that he is, how he gives back to the community really gains a lot of trust with his patients, and I think that really does separate him from all others. 

"I love you" is what I liked to say to my husband.