Phenol Peel -Skin Resurfacing - Dr. Juris Bunkis

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Dr. Juris B.: Okay, this is a lady in her early 50s. If you look here, she's got some deep, deep lines around her mouth, and the best way to treat those, is to resurface it with chemicals or with a laser. And here we have a mixture of phenol croton oil, some water and some glycerin, it's called Baker's Formula, and we're gonna do a little phenol peel for her. And, when we put the material on, it denatures the superficial skin and the skin turns white. We call that frosting. Turn your head towards me, dear. That's perfect. These are nice lips to kiss and everything but not right now. And she's gonna turn pretty white here in a minute, and it burns. We have a little fan going in the background. Once we get that nice whiteness then I put on a cold compress and that kind of kills the pain, and she'll be pretty comfortable for the rest of the day.