GRAPHIC - Breast Lift without Vertical Scars - Technique by Dr. Juris Bunkis

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Speaker 1: This is what the patient looked like standing before her procedure, and you can see how droopy her breasts are. More than enough volume, we didn't have to do anything with the volume, but we just had to move the nipples up.

This lady has a fairly droopy breast. You saw her before pictures. In a traditional breast uplift, we move the nipple from where it is to the proper spot. In this lady it's about here, 23 centimeters from the base of her neck. And normally we cut out this V-shaped piece and when you put everything together the final scar is a circle around the areolus and vertical line and a horizontal line. And this is the technique that I came up with in the '90s that avoids a vertical scar in the final result. What we're gonna do is take out this piece of skin, leave the areolus attached, then make a new place for the areolus here and slip it underneath the skin and you will see the result at the end. And we start by making a little cutter on the areolus, the part that we're going to keep. Scalpel, please.

Okay, we have finished the dissection in this one except for cutting the hole for the new areolus. And, as you can see, we line it up with tile clips to make sure it's going to work. If you take these tile clips off, you'll see what we did. This is the central piece of tissue that had the areolus on it, and we leave this intact, and we make a very generous flap underneath to allow this to slide underneath here. If you look at this breast it's already completed, and you can see we have a circle around the areolus, a transverse incision and we don't have that vertical incision that everybody can see when you're looking at a camera standing up.

Okay, this is the breast that you saw about an hour and-a-half ago before we started. We've done the lift. She looks fairly symmetrical. Another great at Orange County Plastic Surgery.