Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty, Turbinectomy - Plastic Surgery - Dr. Juris Bunkis



Dr. Juris B.: This gentleman has a rather large nose. He's a professional athlete. He's had it broken a few times. He's not trying to be pretty, we're just trying to straighten it out a little bit, and make it so that he can breathe a little better.

First thing we do is we dissect out these cartilages that give his ... Can you hold this ... Give his nasal tip so much bulk, and, don't throw very much away. Whatever cartilage I'm taking out I'm gonna replace into a different part of his nose. Down here as it's kinda retruded, just kind of recycling. This is the part that comes out. What I do, is make a little incision down in here. Open it up and put that same cartilage back in there, recycling it. 

See how that gives him better shape in here? Perfect. Let's do the other side. Up the nose, up the dorsum. You find the tip, help his airway. And now we're going to bring down the bony excess with a little rasp. Kind of like filing your nails. Our goal is to make the tip the highest point of the nose. We don't want this part up here to be higher than the tip. That's what he had before. Almost there. 

And now we brought this down. So this is the high point of his nose and I brought this out with a little graft. So now we're ready to make the nose a little narrower, and we'll make a few little cuts in the bone to accomplish that. Okay. 

And we're all done here. Just putting on the cast. And once I have this in place, we'll pour a little water on this, and it kinda hardens the plaster. You can see his nose is nice and narrow and straight again. That's good. Thank you.