Earlobe Repair - Orange County Plastic Surgery - DR BUNKIS

Earlobe Repair


Dr. Bunkis: Today we are closing these ear gage holes, I guess they're called. And this gentleman had his pierced and stretched a number of years ago. And guess he's getting older and trying to a get a good or better job. He's saying that it's a little hard with these. So he's gonna get those holes fixed today. What you have to do, is you have to excise the skin inside the hole cause if you sew that together it's not going to stick. But once you have a raw edge, you put it together. And the difficulty is if you just pull the edges together, sometime you end up this nipple at the bottom. 

We might have to take it through and through to get rid of this little pucker and we'll see how it goes. The first step is to cut out the skin that's lining this cleft as you can see. Here we are, the cleft has been excised and now we're gonna put it together. And sometimes you get away with just putting it together but I think you can see if I do that, it's gonna have too pointy an ear. So we're gonna have to continue the incision all the way to the edge.

And that's basically done very simply by just cutting a piece out a here. Kinda hate to do this cause you're making the ears smaller but there's not a whole lot a choice here. Now we'll be able to put it together and it'll look like a round earlobe. Okay we're done here. You can see this closed. Good shape for the earlobe. It takes about four months, six months for these scars to completely flattened out. We've put a little Vaseline on the incision just to keep crust from forming around the sutures. And he'll come back in a week to have the stitches taken out. And we're going to have his final photos for about six months or so.

That's how we do earlobes at Orange County Plastic Surgery.