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Welcome, Dr. John Compoginis

Introducing OCPS’s newest member, Dr. John Compoginis

We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Compoginis (Dr C) to Orange County Plastic Surgery. He has been educated at some of the finest U.S. institutions including the University of California at Berkeley and the University of Southern California. He also is a double board certified surgeon who has successfully completed a general surgery residency and a second residency in plastic & reconstructive surgery. This unique dual training allows him to offer exceptional surgical care to his patients.

Articles written by Dr. Compoginis have been published in major peer reviewed journals and have been cited by numerous authors. He has been invited to present his research articles at several of the most elite medical conferences in the U.S. He continues to be an active participant in academic surgery and always stays current with the latest advancements and techniques. He practices the full spectrum of plastic surgery but specializes in body contouring, liposuction, mommy makeovers, breast surgery, and fat transfers, especially BBL’s.

With over twelve years of post-graduate education and training, and seven years of private practice in the Pasadena area and Beverly Hills, Dr. Compoginis has developed sophisticated techniques and employs state of the art treatments. He is a caring and compassionate physician who will be dedicated to you and your personal goals. His first day with us will be on April 29th – we are having a Beauty injections® Dysport® and BBL special that day, so please come in and meet Dr. Compoginis. We are so glad to have him with us at OCPS!

Spotlight on Plastic Surgery — Neurotoxins Beauty injections® & Dysport®

What a concept that a simple injection can make you look better! In a quest for a more youthful appearance, many men and women turn to Orange County Plastic Surgery to seek treatments to minimize laugh lines, crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, seek fuller lips and cheeks, and to fill indentations on the face, bridge of nose, or wish to lose excess fat from their necks. Today we will focus on neurotoxins.

Botulinum toxin injections, often referred to by the commercial names, Beauty injections Cosmetic® or Dysport®, are biological toxins that have been transformed into therapeutic agents. Work with botulinum toxin began in the late 1960s to treat neurological disorders. Today, Beauty injections® and Dysport® have been FDA approved for cosmetic treatment of frown lines between the brows. Neurotoxin injections are also widely used for treatment of forehead furrows, “crow’s feet,” lines and wrinkles of the lower face, and even nasal muscles (to decrease nostril flaring or nasal “bunny lines”).

The lines and wrinkles that respond to Beauty injections® injections are those caused by the facial muscles – specifically those muscles that contract during facial expressions such as frowning or squinting. Neurotoxins have been shown to stop excessive underarm sweating (hyperhidrosis) and to minimize or prevent migraine headaches. Theoretically, Beauty injections® and Dysport® do the same thing, but it is telling that our staff feels that Dysport® acts more quickly and lasts longer than Beauty injections® and is their preferred neurotoxin. Come in to meet Dr. Compoginis on April 29th and benefit from his Dysport® special.

40 year old female smiling, before and after Beauty injections® injection into crow’s feet.

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