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Gynecomastia Orange County Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is a benign enlargement of breast tissue in males. It occurs transiently in newborns, in one half of adolescent boys, and as a result of decreased testosterone in older males. It may rarely arise as an abnormal condition associated with metabolic or endocrine disorders. One of the more common causes seen in our practice relate to excess marihuana use or illegal steroid use in athletes.

The following information has been prepared to familiarize you with facts about the surgical procedure known as gynecomastia correction ("male breast reduction"). You are requested to read this information thoroughly and to discuss any questions which might arise with your surgeon before you give your consent to proceed with this procedure.

You may visit your surgeon as many times as you wish, to have all of your questions answered. At your preoperative visit, which will take at least an hour, your final questions will be answered and you will confirm that you understand the procedure to be performed, that this material has been explained to you, that you have read and understand these information sheets, and that you accept the risks by signing the informed consent forms.

All ibuprofen (Advil®) and Aspirin® products are to be avoided 2 weeks. You will be given prescriptions for surgical soap (Hibiclens®) that will be used before surgery, as well as for pain pills and antibiotics, along with instructions for their use. Preoperative photos will be taken. Certain laboratory tests will also be required within two weeks of surgery.

The operation will be performed in an outpatient facility under deep sedation or a light general anesthetic to supplement the local anesthetics injected by your surgeon. A small incision may be made beneath each areola (the dark skin surrounding the nipples). Occasionally, if liposuction alone will be utilized to remove the excess tissue, more distant incisions will be made in the fold by the arm pit or under the breast tissue. Excess fat and glandular tissue can be removed, depending of the firmness of the tissue, either with direct surgical excision or with liposuction.

Adequate pain medication will also be prescribed.

Wounds are generally closed with buried sutures. The incisions are covered with surgical glue and dry dressings, which are to stay in place for the first few days. This glue will generally peel off as you shower over the first few weeks. It is recommended that patients begin applying MD Performance® Ultimate Scar Formula to the incision as the adhesive begins to peel off about two weeks after surgery. The silicone Ultimate Scar Formula should be applied twice daily until the scar has finished healing and no longer contains any hint of pink or purple. The skin may itch after any surgical procedure.

Social activity should be limited while the patient is uncomfortable. Lifting heavy weights should be limited for approximately 2 weeks to allow the wound to heal properly. Basically, most patients find that they can return to normal activity as the discomfort of the operation fades away.

Serious complications after treatment for gynecomastia are relatively uncommon. There will be small incisions which have to heal. The scars may remain itchy, painful, thick, or otherwise unsightly, but this is very rare. It is unusual, but possible, for areas of fat to liquefy and drain through the incision for some time. 

This procedure is rarely covered by insurance; the office staff will help you determine if your insurance can be helpful.Payment of all fees, however, is the patient's responsibility; all fees are due prior to surgery. The office staff can refer you to a professional billing service if you wish to attempt to use your insurance. If requested, the office staff will assist you with forms, but recovery of any insurance benefits is between you and your insurance company. They can also assist you with financing if desired – various financing plans are available. 

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