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Lower Body Lift In Newport Beach, Orange County, CA

Lower body lift surgery is a type of body enhancement procedure that is commonly recommended for people who have lost a massive amount of weight. It may be performed as a standalone procedure or combined with torso surgery as part of a full-body tuck. Body sculpting with a belt lipectomy removes excess skin and fat to restore your natural contours.

Why Lower Body Lift Surgery?

Belt surgery is needed in these cases because the skin does not have the elasticity to conform to your body after you live with excess weight. Another benefit of this type of body tightening surgery is that it removes fatty bumps and bulges that are difficult to remove with diet and exercise.

Lower Body Lift Vs. A Tummy Tuck

Lower body lift surgery aims to address issues in the abdomen, thighs, and lower back. Although the procedure includes the stomach area, it is distinctively different from a tummy tuck and thigh lift. A tummy tuck is limited to the front part of your abdomen, and a thigh lift targets the inner and outer thighs.

What Happens During A Lower Body Lift Procedure?

Losing a large amount of weight is a cause to celebrate. You’ve worked hard to improve your health and appearance. Unfortunately, the loose skin in your lower body and bulges of isolated fat take away from the results. This is why we recommend a lower body lift after weight loss. Your physique is restored to a toned and contoured appearance, and you no longer have to deal with having skin hanging from your lower body.

What Does A Lower Body Lift Entail?

A lower body lift is a fat and body skin removal surgery. Also known as a 360° belt lipectomy, the procedure involves making two incisions that go around your lower body. The first incision is made just below your belly button to the top of each thigh bone and around your back. The second incision also goes around your entire body. It follows a line that is just above your pubic bone to the bottom of each hip bone and around your back.

After the incisions are made, the skin and soft tissue are pulled taut, and the excess is trimmed away. Liposuction may be used to remove any isolated fat, and the incisions are closed with sutures.

Lower Body Lift Recovery And Results

Lower body lift recovery takes four to six weeks. For the first two weeks, you’ll need to rest at home. Avoid bending over and lifting objects for the first three weeks. Doing so puts pressure on the incisions and soft tissues and may affect the final results of your surgery. We do recommend that you walk around your house every few hours and change your position when sitting and lying down. This helps reduce the risk of blood clots and other complications.

You may have some residual swelling for a few months. Once the swelling is completely subsided, you can see the full lower body lift results. You’ll need to avoid exercise and strenuous activities for up to two months.

Lower body lift scars are significant, but they are hidden by your underwear and swimsuit. Initially, the incisions heal with a slightly pink or tan color that is a bit darker than your natural skin color. Lower body lift scars after one year more closely match your natural skin color, but they are still discernable due to the difference in color and texture.

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Post Operational Instructions

After undergoing plastic surgery, following the postoperative instructions provided by your surgeon is crucial for optimal healing and recovery. These instructions may include caring for the surgical site, managing pain, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is important to keep the surgical area clean, take prescribed medications as directed, rest and avoid strenuous activities, and adhere to a balanced diet while staying hydrated.

Attending follow-up appointments will allow your surgeon to monitor your progress and provide further guidance, ensuring a successful outcome from your plastic surgery procedure.

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