About ipl treatment

IPL™ (Intense Pulse Light) or limelight is a nonsurgical skin rejuvenation treatment that utilizes sophisticated light technology to address various skin issues. Such conditions include, sun spots, freckles, rosacea, wrinkles, and hyperpigmemtation. IPL™ is a relatively safe and effective treatment that can be used on the face but not as effectively on the chest, hands, arms, and back.

In spite of our best efforts, one in two hundred patients will end up with some stamping, a superficial burn, which will heal eventually, but may require subsequent treatments to even out the color of the skin. Harvard trained, double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Juris Bunkis is pleased to offer IPL™ treatments to his local Newport Beach community and the surrounding area. With such innovative technology, Orange County Plastic Surgery is fully equipped to provide you with the care and service you need to dramatically improve your skin.

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IPL treatment candidates

IPL™ is a great treatment option for those who:

  • Have a fair skin complexion
  • Have large pores
  • Have sun spots or freckles
  • Suffer from rosacea
  • Desire tighter smoother skin
  • Have mild to moderate wrinkles
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IPL photofacial: what to expect

Once you have completed a thorough skin consultation, an individualized treatment plan will be created and your IPL™ treatment will be scheduled at your earliest availability. Before your IPL™ treatment begins, you will be given protective eyewear to safely shield your eyes from the IPL™ light. Then, a cool gel will be applied to the desired treatment area. A hand-held device will then be glided across the skin. The device will emit bright flashes of light and works specifically to target the outer most layer of skin.

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IPL photofacial recovery and results

The length of your session will be dependent on the area being treated, the size of the target area, and your specific skin condition. However, IPL™ treatments usually take 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Numbing cream is usually applied to minimize discomfort, and with the numbing cream in place, typically, there is minimal discomfort during treatment but patients report feeling a sharp snap-like sensation.

Redness and minor swelling is very common but these symptoms typically subside within a few days. Since IPL™ is noninvasive, you will be free to return to your normal routine the same day. The results will leave you with clearer, softer, and younger looking skin. Multiple treatments are recommended for optimum results and are usually scheduled 3 weeks apart.

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Rejuvenate your skin with IPL

If you have a very busy schedule and find it difficult to properly care for your skin, then an IPL™ (Intense Pulse Light) treatment can do wonders for your skin. Our skin care professionals will not only provide you with excellent care but will educate you on proper skin hygiene and which products are best for your skin type. Don’t put off pampering your skin any longer. Call our office today to schedule your private consultation.

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