About lip enhancement

Lip enhancement in Newport Beach at Orange County Plastic Surgery includes lip lift surgery, implants, injectable fillers, and fat transfers to achieve the fuller lips you desire. Whether you have thin lips that are due to genetics or advanced age, the placement of implants or use of fillers can provide you with gorgeous, natural-looking results.

Both men and women often seek the expertise of Harvard trained, double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Juris Bunkis to achieve that allure of plump lips. Multiple treatments can be combined to obtain that ideal look and shape you desire. With both surgical and nonsurgical options available, we are convinced you won’t have trouble discovering a route that works for you. Say goodbye to thin lips.

Lip Implants:

Implants in the lips can provide an increase in the lip size with a synthetic material, but the augmentation also can change the softness of the lip. Most surgeons use a silicone implant like PermaLip® that make the lips feel more natural but with added volume, or Advanta Lip that is firmer to the touch.

Fat Filler:

After a patient has had fat removed through liposuction from one part of the body (such as the abdomen, back, or thigh), the plastic surgeon can purify that fat and transfer it to the lips.

Injectable Filler:

Injectable fillers can provide patients with a temporary filling of the lips with collagen, hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite, etc. This is a nonsurgical option and if the patient does not like the look of the enhancement, the fullness will fade after several months.

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Lip enhancement Candidates

The ideal candidates for upper and/or lower lip augmentation surgery are men and women who:

  • Have thin lips
  • Have tried injectable fillers and desire a longer-lasting enhancement
  • Are allergic to the solutions in the injectable fillers
  • Have overall good health
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Lip enhancement procedure

Depending on the lip augmentation option the patient chooses, surgery may or may not be needed, but all of the options can be performed as an outpatient procedure. With the insertion of lip implants or the use of Alloderm, incisions at the outer corners of the mouth are required for implantation. The incision opening will be closed after with dissolvable sutures. Injections of fat or medical-grade dermal fillers do not need incisions and will be implemented with a syringe. It may take several injections to get the desired fullness.

Patients can expect the lips to be tender and sore for several days after the surgery. Scarring is very minimal with a lip augmentation surgery because the incision is placed on the outside of the mouth in the natural crease of the lips. Once healed, the incision is barely noticeable at all. Aftercare instructions will be given to properly care for the lips.

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Lip enhancement results

Lip implants are made with flexible, synthetic materials that are made to look and feel natural under the skin. With time, the lips will not look swollen and the implant will integrate with the natural tissues and fibers of the lip. Patients who do not like their lip implants or change their mind in time can have them removed. Fat grafting and dermal filler injections will slowly absorb into the body and thus the lips will naturally become smaller. Repeated treatments will be needed to maintain results.

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Love your lips

At our plastic surgery practice, we want you to love your lips and your smile. Schedule a private consultation with our office today and learn how a lip augmentation can give you back the fullness in your lips or create the sensuous lips you desire.

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