Calf augmentation in Newport Beach

Calf augmentation is a surgical procedure that utilizes calf implants to create a more defined shape to the lower leg. Many patients desire a fuller or more dominate shape to their calves, which is sometimes not possible through exercise alone. Even professional body builders visit plastic surgeon Dr. Juris Bunkis at Orange County Plastic Surgery for calf augmentation.

Dr. Bunkis uses modern techniques to minimize downtime as much as possible and to provide patients with natural looking results. During your initial consultation at our Newport Beach, CA, office, Dr. Bunkis will discuss the procedure process thoroughly and answer any questions you may have. Customized implants are also available to create the specific look you desire.

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Calf implants candidates

You are an ideal candidate for calf augmentation if:

  • You are unhappy with the shape of your lower legs
  • Desire fuller, shapelier calf definition
  • Can’t achieve the look you desire through exercise
  • Your lower legs are disproportionate to the rest of your body
  • You are in overall good health
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What happens during a calf augmentation procedure?

Prior to your calf implants surgery, you will undergo a private consultation with Dr. Bunkis. This is a very important step because it helps you understand the procedure process and learn about the calf implants surgery techniques and options available to you. It is also a great opportunity for you to express any concerns you may have and to ask detailed questions. Once your aesthetic desires are understood, your calf implants surgery will be scheduled.

During the calf implant procedure, your surgeon will create an incision behind the knee for an inconspicuous look. Then, your surgeon will create a pocket by separating the skin from the lower leg muscles. The implant will be strategically inserted and the wounds will be sutured. Once the wounds are closed, a bandage will be applied for comfort and safe healing. This process is then repeated to the other side.

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Recovering from calf augmentation surgery

Typically, a calf augmentation surgery takes about 1 hour to complete. Although you will be free to return to most of your everyday activities within a few days, strenuous activities should be avoided until your calves have properly healed. Symptoms such as, swelling, redness, tenderness, and bruising are very common and expected. However, these symptoms will subside over time. Everyone’s recovery varies, but typically optimal healing will take 6 months. Despite the lengthy recovery time, results are long-lasting and leave you with fuller, more proportionate calves.

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Balance out your body

If you have underdeveloped calves or can’t achieve the look you desire through exercise, then calf augmentation can bring great improvement. It’s important to have the proper expectations and to inform yourself about the calf augmentation procedure prior to surgery. To learn more about calf augmentation surgery, please call our office to set up a personal consultation with experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Bunkis.

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