About liposuction

Despite good health and a reasonable level of fitness, some people may still develop localized fat deposits over the arms, chest, abdominal wall, flanks, and lower extremities. These fatty deposits are usually more due to heredity than a lack of weight control or fitness. Liposuction is the ideal operation for these excess fatty deposits that you cannot eliminate with diet and exercise alone.

Using today’s safer, more-refined and advanced liposuction techniques, plastic surgeon Dr. Juris Bunkis can alter your body to an improved form. At Orange County Plastic Surgery, Dr. Bunkis can help you change your shape in a matter of hours. However, all patients must undergo a detailed medical exam and consultation prior to surgery. To schedule your private consult, call our Newport Beach, CA office today.

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Liposuction candidates

The ideal candidates for liposuction are men and women who:

  • Have excess fat on their necks, arms, chest, abdomen, or thighs but do not have lax skin
  • Have tried diet and exercise as a means to lose the fat in these areas without success
  • Have a bulging appearance
  • Have overall good health
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Liposuction: what to expect

Performed in the Orange County Surgery Center under a deep sedative or a light general anesthetic, liposuction requires a small incision near the desired treatment area so the surgeon can remove excess fat through a cannula. It is a relatively short procedure if it is not combined with a facelift, thigh lift, or tummy tuck. Once the incision is closed, the patient can expect to see swelling in the area and will be asked to wear a compression garment along with bandages for optimal healing. Final results can be expected 4-6 months after the procedure.

Liposuction results

Liposuction surgery generally takes between 1-2 hours to complete, depending on how much fat is being addressed, as well as how many body parts. Liposuction can be a surgery all on its own; however, it is usually paired with other surgeries for the best cosmetic results, such as skin tightening procedures. It takes a couple of weeks for patients to recover and scarring is minimal. If a well-balanced diet is maintained, along with a healthy lifestyle, the results following liposuction surgery can last years.

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Stop battling the bulge

Liposuction can trim away the bulge. When all your efforts go unnoticed from all the time spent at the gym because that last little bit of fat won’t go away, you have the opportunity to take matters into your own hands with liposuction. We provide a completely private consultation to discuss your areas of concern and how to best treat the area(s) with this revolutionary technology.

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