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Earlier this week, I suggested you listen to the Podcast, Money Loves Women, with host Dr. Deborah Ekstrom, and I promised to send you more information about the host and program.

Deborah Ekstrom grew up on a farm in Minnesota, learned how to fix things and milk cows – she no longer milks cows but is amazing with tools and will fix anything around the house! She graduated in biology and chemistry from the University of Minnesota in 1974 and continued with medical school at the same institution. After a rotating internship, she began a psychiatry residency and this training has given her a unique perspective into the human mind. But psychiatry was not for her career wise and she switched into General Surgery. Dr. Ekstrom was a trail blazer – one of the few female surgery residents at the University of Minnesota, and the first female plastic surgery resident at the University of Massachusetts in Worcester.

Deborah Ekstrom studied under a dear friend and colleague of mine, Dr. Robert Walton (we were on the faculty together at the University of California in San Francisco before Dr. Walton moved to Massachusetts). Dr. Walton invited me to the University of Massachusetts as a Visiting Professor in the early 1980’s and I met Deborah in Massachusetts during her residency. As part of her residency training, Dr. Walton sent Dr. Ekstrom to Guatemala to work with me during one of my medical mission trips, primarily working on children with birth defects. I recently ran across a professionally produced video for the Hospital de la Famila which was filmed during one of our trips to Guatemala – I currently have it at a photo shop, converting it from VHS to digital, but will share it with you next week.

Deborah Ekstrom was an amazing surgeon and I enjoyed getting to know her. Her plastic surgery residency ended in 1983 and she subsequently did microsurgery and hand fellowships and taught at the University of Massachusetts prior to entering private practice in 1988. Dr. Ekstrom is the Medical Director of Salisbury Plastic Surgery in Worcester and also still holds a teaching position at the University of Massachusetts. She went on to become only the second female President of the New England Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. Over the years, I ran into Dr. Ekstrom at medical meetings every five or ten years and followed her maturation as a surgeon. I have found her interesting because of her many contributions to our society and her varied interests. Dr. Ekstrom has expressed an interest in working in California someday and we have discussed her joining Orange County Plastic Surgery in the future.

Throughout her professional career, Deborah Ekstrom has practiced the principles of high performance and wealth building. Most recently, Dr. Ekstrom founded Money Loves Women, a media company dedicated to placing more power, influence, and money into the hands of women with the intention of creating a more balanced and peaceful world.

From herself imposed curriculum she has searched out the practices and principles now developed into a system of support, strategies, and financial resources to propel women forward.

Dr. Ekstrom believes that in order to achieve wealth women need to develop spiritual depth, polished personal presence, and strategize for a masterful performance. Her company provides inspiration, action-based practices, and context for transformation with those end goals and partners with others who hold these values.

Dr. Ekstrom hosts her podcast Money Loves Women showcasing individuals who demonstrate the principles for wealth and achievement, sharing their success secrets and describing actionable cash flow and asset growth opportunities in ways that are easy to understand. I strongly urge you to give these podcasts a listen and to give her show a favorable rating to help her with iTunes placement. Please visit her website to listen to the podcast.

You can now listen to Money Loves Women, available on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and Google play. Sign up for her email list today and be the first to receive the latest notifications for new episodes, and get access to teaching and support materials to grow your wealth as soon as they become available.

And this site is not solely for women. I have enjoyed listening to the podcasts and must say that I pick up a few pointers in each broadcast. This is the time to bring more money, more time, more love and more happiness into your life. Enjoy!