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Celebrating Memorial Day: Honoring Sacrifice and Welcoming Summer

Celebrating Memorial Day: Honoring Sacrifice and Welcoming Summer

By Drs. Juris Bunkis & Deborah Ekstrom

As we celebrate Memorial Day, we reflect on its significance and the unique ways it marks the beginning of summer across the country. In Massachusetts, July 4th traditionally signals the start of summer, but here in California, Memorial Day heralds this vibrant season with trips to the River, gardening, the onset of the sailing season, and baseball in full swing.

Memorial Day is much more than a marker of summer’s arrival. It is a day of remembrance and gratitude, honoring the brave men and women of our military who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms. Their valor and dedication are the bedrock of the liberty we enjoy today.
In Massachusetts, Memorial Day is observed with reverence and community spirit. People participate in parades, visit cemeteries to place flags on graves, and attend memorial services. Communities gather to remember and honor the fallen heroes through heartfelt tributes and ceremonies.

In California, the traditions are equally poignant. Many visit national cemeteries to pay their respects, attend local memorial services, and engage in moments of silence. Additionally, Memorial Day weekend in California is often filled with family activities, such as barbecues, beach outings, and community events that celebrate the freedoms secured by those who served.

Whether you are in Massachusetts or California, this Memorial Day is an opportunity to reflect on the true meaning of the holiday. It is a time to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice and to cherish the freedom their sacrifice has afforded us. As we gather with family and friends, let us remember and express our gratitude for the courage and dedication of our military personnel. Without their service, we would not have the wonderful opportunities and freedom we have today!

The true meaning of Memorial Day

Spotlight on Plastic Surgery – Size Matters - Or Does It?
Understanding Breast Augmentation and the Importance of Choosing the Right Size

By Drs. Deborah Ekstrom & Juris Bunkis

Few things can make a woman feel more self-conscious than a perceived inadequate breast size. Few things can make a woman feel more attractive and sexier than receiving a breast size she perceives as perfect! Breast augmentation, often referred to as a “boob job,” is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure where implants are placed under the breast tissue to increase the size of the breasts, enhance their shape, or improve symmetry. It is a procedure many women choose to boost their confidence and feel more comfortable in their own skin. When considering breast augmentation, it is essential to understand that the size of the implants is a critical factor. The right size can help you achieve the look you desire, while the wrong size can lead to complications and dissatisfaction.

Choosing the right implant size is not as simple as picking a number off a chart. It involves considering your body frame, your natural breast tissue, and your lifestyle. A size that looks fantastic on one person might not suit another. If the implants are too large, they can cause issues like back and neck pain, skin stretching, and a higher risk of sagging over time. On the other hand, implants that are too small might not give you the noticeable change you are hoping for, leading to disappointment.

Deformities from Choosing the Wrong Size
One common issue is bottoming out, which happens when the implant drops too low on the chest, causing the nipple to sit too high on the breast mound. This can result from choosing an implant that’s too large for the existing breast tissue to support. The weight of the implant stretches the lower breast tissue, leading to an unnatural appearance and potential discomfort.

Another potential deformity is double bubble deformity. This occurs when the implant is too large and causes the natural breast tissue to fold, creating a visible line or “double bubble” effect underneath the breast. This can be particularly noticeable and problematic, often requiring corrective surgery to address.

Symmastia, also known as “uni-boob,” is another complication that can arise from improperly sized implants. This occurs when implants are placed too close together, causing the skin and tissue over the sternum (the chest bone) to lift and the breasts to merge in the middle, frequently because the implants used were too large for this given patient. This deformity not only looks unnatural but can also be quite uncomfortable.

Rippling is a deformity that can occur if the implants are too large or if there is insufficient natural breast tissue to cover the implants adequately. This results in visible ripples or wrinkles on the surface of the breast, which can be particularly noticeable when bending forward or in certain lighting conditions. Rippling is more common with saline implants, but it can also occur with silicone implants if they are too large for the breast pocket or if an older model of implant is used in which the gel is not as cohesive (tightly packed).

Lastly, capsular contracture is a condition where the scar tissue that naturally forms around the implant contracts and causes the breast to feel hard. This can distort the shape of the breast, making it look and feel abnormal. While capsular contracture can happen with any size implant, choosing an excessively large size that puts undue stress on the breast tissue can increase the risk of this complication.

Ensuring Long-Term Satisfaction
Another complication of choosing the wrong size is that it can impact the longevity of your results. Larger implants can place more strain on the breast tissue and skin, potentially leading to a higher chance of needing additional surgeries down the line. This could be for reasons like implant replacement, correction of sagging, or even dealing with complications like implant rupture or capsular contracture.

It is also important to consider the emotional and psychological effects. Many people undergo breast augmentation to feel more confident and satisfied with their appearance. If the result does not meet their expectations due to size issues, it can lead to feelings of regret and a negative impact on self-esteem. The goal is to enhance your natural beauty and make you feel great, not to create new insecurities.

In conclusion, breast augmentation can be a life-changing procedure for many, helping patients achieve a look they have long wanted. However, choosing the right implant size is crucial to avoid complications and ensure that the patient will be happy with the outcome. Deformities such as bottoming out, double bubble deformity, symmastia, rippling, and capsular contracture highlight the importance of careful planning and consultation with a skilled plastic surgeon. By selecting an implant size that harmonizes with your body’s natural proportions, you can minimize these risks and achieve a beautiful, natural-looking result. Remember, the aim is to enhance your natural beauty and boost your confidence, not to create new challenges. It is vital to have an open and honest discussion with a board-certified plastic surgeon who can guide you in selecting the size that best fits your body and your goals. You have to be honest with your surgeon regarding your expectations but please remember that your surgeon will be best suited to choose the appropriate implant size for you.

Female in her early 60’s with excessively large breasts, after exchange to a smaller implant to make her look more normal. Patient chose not to have a lift. (Actual patient of Dr. Bunkis)

These are examples of the many patients referred to us with problems caused by inappropriate implant sizes. These patients display symmastia (“uniboob”) and double bubble deformities, issues that are much easier to avoid by choosing an appropriate implant size initially than to repair after these predictable problems have occurred.

To leave things on a positive note, this is an example of a patient who had her pre-pregnancy volume restored with appropriate sized implants and a pleasing aesthetic result. (Actual patient of Dr. Ekstrom)

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