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Father’s Day

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Dr Bunkis’ children, Justin and Jessica, in 1996 and on Father’s Day 2022

There are a number of holidays each year, which are more special than others are, and I certainly look at Mother’s Day each May and the recently celebrated Father’s Day as two of the more meaningful holidays each year. There is no job more sacred or important than being a good parent to our children!

Good parenting practices share these goals – to ensure a child’s health and well-being, to prepare the child for life as a productive adult, and to transmit cultural values. How we succeed in those tasks will largely determine our child’s trajectory through life. Given the importance of parenting, it is appropriate to set aside a day to honor fathers and mothers. What I find surprising is that Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are relatively recent concepts in our society. Mother’s Day had its origin in the early 20th century, but Father’s Day did not become an official holiday in the United States until 1972!

It is nice to be celebrated by our children, especially adult ones like we now have, but it is equally pleasing to see our children interact with their children, our grandchildren, and to see that they too picked up some values from their parents as they grew up. The apple does not fall far from the tree – it is amazing how quickly our children do grow up!

Spotlight on Plastic Surgery – Customized hormone replacement therapy by Dr. Deborah Ekstrom

This weekend I enjoyed reading The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine, MD. I am researching male and female brain differences for my company Money Loves Women and my upcoming training course, Girl Brain Investing. While I did not get a lot of insight into “girl-brain” from an investing point of view, I did learn many other things. Wow- are women’s brains ever different from men’s brains! Our hormones, brain chemicals, and the meaning we make out of our experiences heavily influence the brains of both sexes.

Interestingly, at birth, females’ communication center is bigger, emotional memory center is larger, and the ability to read cues in people’s faces and behavior develops more readily. The testosterone surge in fetal males at 8 weeks of gestation kills off cells in the communication centers of their brain and grows more cells in the sex and aggression centers. This effect differentiates males and female brains, in a way that as Dr Brizedine explains “defines our innate biologic destiny, coloring the lens through which each of us views and engages the world.

The key to restoring libido, and orgasmic capacity, in both females and males is restoring testosterone to normal (more youthful) levels. (Testosterone replacement for females was discovered decades ago but the research was largely forgotten).

Testosterone replacement also promotes mental acuity, muscle mass improvement and promotes calcification of bones. Reported effects on the brain include better mental focus, smoother mood, improved energy and increased sexual interest. As regards to estrogen and hormone replacement therapy, researchers at UCI have found that estrogen helps keep blood vessels of the brain healthy, and when coupled with progesterone, repairs and maintains the connections between different areas of the brain, keeping information processing swift.

Studies suggest that starting estrogen replacement therapy early in menopause reduces the risk of Alzheimer ’s disease in women. Researchers at John Hopkins University found that a wide variety of activities in both men and women over age 65 is associated with lower rates of dementia. Physical and mental exercise in diverse ways and with diverse subjects seems to be the key. As life expectancy of those in this age group continues to climb, more research is needed into the beneficial effects of hormone replacement therapy, especially for brain health as well as for general health. What is becoming increasingly clear is that an early start of replacement hormone without too much time elapsed after menopause needs to be strongly considered.

While many types of replacement therapies are possible and should be explored with your physician, we have available at both of our practices the bioidentical hormone pellet insertion method for constant absorption and steady blood levels, customized by patient, for those who need it and desire HRT. Insertion is a quick and relatively painless office procedure. Pelleting is completed only after a comprehensive laboratory evaluation and personal medical history assessment to determine your deficiencies and to come up with a customized protocol for each rejuvenation. Facial rejuvenation or body contouring can restore a more youthful look – pelleting will make you feel as young as you look. Our philosophy is echoed in the saying “we want you to die as young as possible, at a ripe old age!”

To your health and happiness!

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