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4 Days Without a Phone, Internet, E-mail or Texting

By Dr. Juris BunkisAugust 14, 2023October 31st, 2023No Comments

At the Hamster Charity Dinner with Scott and Susan Peterson, Drs. Bunkis and Ekstrom, Scott Lister and Mike Bayne.

By Juris Bunkis, M.D.

This past week, Drs. Bunkis and Ekstrom met in South Dakota and visited with friends, in conjunction with the Sturgis Motorcycle rally. No, we did not ride or visit Sturgis itself. Dr. Bunkis belongs to the Hamsters USA™ custom motorcycle owner club and we spent time socializing with friends and attending a few Hamster events.

The highlight of the week each year is the Hamster Charity Dinner. Hamsters, in their trademark yellow shirts, get together with invited friends for a dinner during which money is raised during an auction for the South Dakota Children’s Hospital ($290,000 raised this year), the local Meals-on-Wheels program for the elderly in Spearfish, SD (an additional $30,000 raised), and the Motorcycle Hall of Fame in Sturgis (another $30,000 raised). Yes, you read it correctly, each year this group of “bikers” gets together and donates more than a third of a million dollars to charity. It makes all of us feel good to help others less fortunate than we are…

I have done this Sturgis trip about 25 times in the last 30 years, usually riding one of my bikes. This time I flew. What made this trip most memorable was that, as I was rushing to leave for the airport, I could not find my phone and ended up leaving it behind. I ended up without a phone or any internet access for four days.

Not having my phone seemed like a disaster at first, but I was forced to adjust. Taking a break from phone usage, internet, and text messages for four days can offer numerous benefits. It provides an opportunity to disconnect and recharge, reducing stress and promoting mental well-being – I read four books on this trip! Freed from constant notifications, you can focus more on present activities and personal connections, enhancing relationships and communication skills. This digital detox allows for improved sleep quality, as screen time before bed can disrupt sleep patterns. Moreover, it encourages creativity and introspection by removing external distractions. The break also provides relief from information overload, helping you regain clarity and improve your attention span. Overall, these four days without digital connectivity offer a chance to reset, fostering a healthier work-life balance and increased mindfulness in an increasingly connected world.

When my phone did come, after reviewing all of my e-mails, texts, and voice messages, I was pleased to see that I did not miss anything crucial during my forced period of peace!

The Current Trend: Smaller Breast Implants for Breast Enhancement

by Drs. Deborah Ekstrom and Juris Bunkis

We both saw patients today who presented for a consultation for a breast enhancement, and both stressed that they wanted their breasts to “look and feel natural”. The best way to satisfy that preference is to use relatively small implants. Twenty years ago, the majority of patients requested implants as large as possible – those patients loved their results but today, many of them are coming back and asking us for an exchange to smaller implants and requesting a breast lift, for a “more natural look”.

In recent years, there has been a notable trend towards using smaller breast implants in cosmetic breast augmentation procedures. This shift reflects changing beauty ideals and a desire for more natural-looking results. While larger implants were popular in the past, many individuals are now seeking more subtle enhancements which better complement their body proportions.

Several factors contribute to the rise in the preference for smaller breast implants. First, a growing emphasis on individuality and self-acceptance, leading to a desire for outcomes that enhance one’s features without creating disproportion. Smaller implants can provide a more understated and balanced look, aligning with the current trend towards a more diverse and inclusive representation of beauty.

Health considerations also play a role. Smaller implants often result in less tissue trauma during surgery, potentially leading to shorter recovery times and decreased risks of complications. Moreover, as fitness and an active lifestyle gain prominence, smaller implants can offer greater comfort and flexibility.

The trend towards smaller breast implants is likely attributable to a societal shift towards more subtle and body-positive aesthetics, highlighting the importance of individual choices and a holistic approach to beauty. Cosmetic surgery practices have adapted to meet these evolving preferences, offering a range of options to cater to diverse needs and desires. We, as plastic surgeons, listen carefully to our patients, to stay current in responding to these evolving preferences.

Model in her 20’s, before and after a subpectoral breast augmentation with 250 cc implants, bringing her from an A to a full B (actual patient of Dr. Bunkis)

(actual patient of Dr. Bunkis)

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