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Buttocks fullness varies depending upon age and hereditary factors. The majority of patients we see requesting buttocks fullness are females but lately, a number of males have had the procedure as well. Twenty five years ago, most of my buttocks consultations revolved around liposuction and decreasing the fullness of a buttocks, but my, how the J. Lo Kardashians have changed all of that! Today the rage is a fuller buttocks and fortunately we have a few options to help patients achieve the look they wish to have. The simplest, but least practical, is the injection of filler materials like Sculptra Aesthetic®. I know some patients desire this option because no surgery is involved but in my minds it does not make any financial sense for most of us to do so. In most cases a LOT of filler is required (at least ten vials per side) to see a significant improvement and the results only last a year or so. The other two commonly performed procedures require surgery. I have more requests for a “Brazilian Butt Lift” than for buttocks implants but not all patients are candidates for a BBL. A Brazilian Butt Lift is basically a microfat grafting procedure, removing excess fat from some other part of the body, filtering and processing it and reinjecting it into the buttocks. In order to perform a satisfactory BBL, you have to have adequate donor sites from which I can harvest the fat! The patient pictured below did NOT have any excess fat to donate and was a much better candidate for a buttocks augmentation with soft silicone implants. We offer all of these options at Orange County Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach.

It is very rare for a buttocks augmentation patient not to be thrilled with the result of the procedure – patient satisfaction rates are exceedingly high. A common question is, “How long will the results of this procedure last?” Buttocks augmentation with implants has a higher complication rate than breast implants surgery, but once healed, buttocks implants in general never have to be removed or changed. Fat grafting is less predictable as some of the fat will absorb with time.

If you have any specific questions about cosmetic procedures, your best bet would be to see a qualified plastic surgeon to review your options. Pease feel free to contact our office at 949-888-9700 to set up an appointment with Dr. Juris Bunkis in Newport Beach, CA or in Dublin, CA; or come in and visit with Crystal Osborn, PA (who is undoubtedly the best cosmetic injector in Orange County!). Check out our YouTube Buttocks Augmentation video at or you can check out our web site to see further examples of similar patients.