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Making Service Fun!

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Volunteering as Deputy for San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department

I practice gratitude on a daily basis. Service is one of the action practices of gratitude. Service has been ingrained in me since childhood – my parents were always very active in supporting those in need in our community as I was growing up. And interestingly, this morning during my daily phone call to my 95 year old mother, she told me how fortunate she is to have such good health – this allows her to bring in the newspaper and help her 98 year old neighbor who is less mobile than she is! Last weekend, I worked as a volunteer deputy at the NASCAR Cup Series Race. I have been a volunteer with the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department since 2003, first as a member of the Aero Squadron, and for the last 11 years as a sworn Level III Deputy with the SSB (Special Services Bureau) Unit.

Our unit serves from headquarters in San Bernardino. We hold regular unit meetings and help the community as volunteers whenever extra bodies are needed. Each trimester, we undergo an 8 hour use of force class, which includes a review of safety measures, an update on new laws and procedures, a physical portion in which we review handcuffing and take down procedures, non-lethal weapon use and finally, we have to requalify with all of our weapons. Yes, I am getting older and am not interested in an excess of “excitement” – I tend to pick “cop friendly” events where bodies are needed for crowd control and violence is not expected. My favorite events to help with are the NASCAR and Formula One races at Fontana, the Sheriff’s Rodeo and Believe Walk (breast cancer survivor event in Redlands).

Spotlight on Plastic Surgery---Calf Implants

The last time Dr. Ekstrom and I worked together at The Surgery Center in Shrewsbury, we inserted calf implants in a male in his 40’s with very pleasing results. Calf implants fall into the soft solid silicone implant category, which means they do not have a liquid center as breast implants have. Chin, biceps, pectoral and buttocks implants fall into this soft solid silicone implant category. The big difference between these implants and breast implants is that the liquid filled breast implants have a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years (because shells break) but this is not the case with the soft solid implants – the soft solids do not have to be replaced at regular intervals. In the case of calf implants, the implants give fullness over the medial and lateral heads (yes, two implants are inserted per side) of the gastrocnemius muscles (the “gastrocs”). They are appropriate for patients bothered by little muscle definition in their calves. We put in relatively few calf, pectoral, biceps and buttocks implants compared to breast or chin implants – but these implants provide an excellent solution for those wishing for more definition of their legs, arms, pecs or buttocks.

Female in her mid 30’s, before and after calf implantation (actual patient of Dr. Bunkis)

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