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Be humble and kind

By Reproto System Account ManagementMarch 14, 2022March 17th, 2022No Comments

At Boots in the Park Festival this weekend in Norco, CA.

What a magnificent weekend here in Southern California! We enjoyed a great cooking class at Sur La Table in Newport Beach Friday evening. On Saturday, we spend the day at the Boots in the Park Festival in Norco. We enjoyed the first three acts from comfortable sofas in the VIP tent because we were trying to stay out of the sun. The temperature hit 81 degrees Fahrenheit, the day seemed perfect. Craig Morgan, Dustin Lynch and Tim McGraw were coming up so we went closer to the stage……the sun was going down and in typical SoCal fashion, temperatures plunged to the 50’s. We were cold in spite of our winter coats – it still seemed worth it. We love the message Tim McGraw has in his songs, our favorite encouraging all of us to be humble and kind. We did not, however, enjoy his performance and left before it was over because the band was so loud and we could not hear Tim singing. We mentioned this to Dr. Bunkis’ daughter, Jessica, and she told us the painful truth – “try using earplugs, it dulls the loudness of the band but still lets you hear the singer’s words – you are getting old”.

Spotlight on Plastic Surgery---Pec Implants

We spoke about calf implant last week and this week, chose to discuss another soft solid implant, pectoral implants. We have never had a female ask us for such implants – this is a procedure pretty well exclusively for males wishing a more prominent chest, a better-defined pectoral muscle. Pectoral implants also fall into the soft solid silicone implant category, which means they do not have a liquid center as breast implants have. The beauty of these is that they should not have to be replaced in an individual’s lifetime. These implants are inserted through small incisions within the armpits and usually heal so well that the scars are not perceptible. Through these incisions, a pocket is made under the pectoral muscle, similar to a pocket created for breast implantation but the dissection stops higher for pectoral implants, at the insertion of the pectoral muscle into the rib cage. It is rare to say this about any surgical procedure, because no matter which surgical procedure any surgeon does, some patients are unhappy with the results – but we have never seen a patient unhappy with the results of a pectoral implantation!

Male in his late 30’s who wished to have “huge pecs”, before and after pectoral implantation (actual patient of Dr. Bunkis)

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