Meet Colette McPhee from Orange County Plastic Surgery

Meet Colette McPhee from Orange County Plastic Surgery


Colette McPhee: -name is Colette. I'm patient coordinator and patient of Dr. Bunkis. 

I'm 60 years old and I've been told that I look at least 20 years younger which is great for me. I've had a facelift, forehead lift and lower lids done, 10 years ago. And I just recently had a facelift over Christmas. 

Even though I work here I did what I was told and that's really important and I healed very quickly. Probably about 10 days. I still had some bruising after 10 days but on the whole I think I healed very quickly.

Like everybody else I hit menopause and for women that makes a really big difference to you, you can see a big change in your face. I decided ... I looked at myself in the mirror one day and really noticed that change and I came in to the office the next day and said to Dr. Bunkis, "I'm ready." And he said, "Okay kiddo put yourself on the books." Which I did.

It'd been 10 years and you never stop the aging process, you still continue to age even though you've had a facelift. I noticed after 10 years that I was starting to get a little bit jowly and I didn't like that look at all. I've got a lot of energy and I think I can keep up with people that are 30 and I wanted to look good as well. And so that's why I went in for a touch-up.

Dr. Bunkis is a little bit on the conservative side so he gives you a really natural look. He doesn't give you like a strange look, like a done look. So, when I come in to meet me you will actually see my face and my results.

I've worked with Dr. Bunkis for 12 years and I've watched people come and go. He's a very, very honest surgeon, will never give you a procedure that you absolutely don't need and that is really important. I think he does amazing work. 

One thing I forgot to mention before, I've had my breast done. I had a breast-lift. I was getting a little bit droopy and I wanted to be perky. I noticed it, summertime when I went to buy a dress you shouldn't wear a bra with and I noticed I was getting a little ... going south a little bit and I wanted to look a little perkier. And Dr. Bunkis did that for me. 

He's an an amazing surgeon. I've worked with him for 12 years and I've seen people come and go that are just absolutely thrilled. And if I ever wanted to have something done again there would be no hesitation for me. I trust him with my life.

I trust Dr. Bunkis so much that if ever, touch wood, I was in a car accident or if my family was in a car accident, Dr. Bunkis would be the first person that my family would call and I totally mean that. He would be totally in charge of everything. 

Okay, we have a very, very well trained staff, number one. And that's important when you are considering any type of surgery at all. We want you to have the best result and the best experience at our office as possible. When I first come into our office you'll meet with Tracy or Ashley. If you've already had a consultation with them you would have already received some paperwork. Fill that in at home and then bring it in to the office with you, that saves a little bit of time. When you're ready we'll take you in to a consultation room and if you're having any body procedure, we'll give you a robe to put on. Dr. Bunkis will come in and he will show you before and after pictures. 

You'll get to spend at least half and hour with him. He's very warm and friendly so don't hold back on any questions that you want answered. He will then bring you back to me, into my office and we will go through dates for you, dates for Dr. Bunkis. We'll get to know each other a little bit and we'll go through all the finance and possibilities that we can to make certain that you can have your procedure with Dr. Bunkis. 

And I look forward to seeing you at your consultation.