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What I Learned By Having A Facelift By Dr. Ekstrom

Like many New Englanders, I probably waited longer than I should to have my facelift. I did not have the time, I reasoned. Mostly I did not know who to pick to do the procedure. That all changed, of course, when I started dating Dr. Bunkis, one of the most prominent, facelift plastic surgeons in Newport Beach, California.

I now knew who my surgeon would be; I just did not have a handle on when. I tell my patients to optimize appearance, one should have their first facelift between the ages of 45 and 55, and I have found this to be true for most patients. Despite being a plastic surgeon, I do not spend a lot of time scrutinizing myself in the mirror.

I had had some fat from my thighs placed in my cheeks, bridge of my nose and around my eyes the year before and I was blessed with strong, even bones in my face, yet my neck was getting saggy with strong muscle cords in the front and my cheeks had multiple folds when I smiled. I caught myself lifting my cheeks higher with one hand while looking in the side mirror while I pumped gas. It was time!

Dr. Ekstrom before her surgery, the very next day, two mornings later and healed.

Sometimes, more so in New England, women will not get a facelift because their husbands are against it. (Preference? Expense?) I had three women over 80 years old see me in one week asking for facelifts. When I asked, “why now?” all three told me “I had to wait for my husband to die.” Well, that was not my problem, either.

I could manage that part just fine, I just had not made myself a priority. “Don’t wait until your grandchildren won’t recognize you,” I caution my patients. I had 7 grandchildren, it was time to get going, I thought – I should take my own advice! So I had Dr. Bunkis do my facelift last June at the Orange County Surgery Center in Newport Beach.

A facelift by itself is surprisingly easy to get through.

The hardest part, sleeping sitting up, is facilitated by sedative medication. Like everybody else, my bandages came off on the first post op day, and I had my drains removed. It was a while before I could lie on my sides with my ears a bit tender. (I need to invent a facelift pillow with a hole in it).

On the first day post op, I listened to three hours of a plastic surgery meeting and then surrendered and went to bed. On day 2, we went out to a Mexican restaurant for lunch. Some bruising on my neck (under a scarf) turned yellow and green and faded off down onto my chest. My neck had a numb strip (right where my “Covid” mask would rest) and when I flipped it down. The sides of my face had decreased sensation, just as expected, but that is gone by now – more of a curiosity and not annoying. Mostly my ears were tender. Like others, I had some crusts behind my ears with a little delay in my wound healing. (I waited too long- age 69), so I had a lot of extra skin, but as usual, it all settled down and healed nicely.

I am so glad I had it done. I look more like I used to in my 40s and 50s. I am more confident recording my podcast interviews on Zoom for my women’s wealth building company, Money Loves Women. People ask what the most annoying thing about my facelift was. It was my iPhone – initially, my iPhone no longer recognized me under face recognition. My advice to everyone would be, never mind the grandchildren, do not wait until your iPhone does not recognize you!

To good health and beautiful faces!

Houston game yesterday in Anaheim

My Angels By Dr. Bunkis

Yesterday was a day of rest. I cannot think of a more pleasant way to spend such a day than to be with family and to enjoy one’s grandchildren. Thank you to my son, Justin. Thank you to my grandchildren, Colton and Kinley, for a magical day.

By Dr. Juris Bunkis

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