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Bliss on the San Juan River, NM

By Dr. Juris BunkisOctober 10, 2022No Comments

by Juris Bunkis, MD

Little in life is as peaceful as a good day of fishing. I have fished since the 1950’s and would be hard pressed to remember one of those times as not being satisfying and fulfilling. Yes, I have gotten cold and wet, have dumped a canoe on a three day fishing trip, have fished in freezing weather for steelhead on the Ho River on the Olympia Peninsula in December – and those too are now fond memories. Fish tend to live in beautiful places. I have taught my son, Justin, and my daughter, Jessica how to fish. I have fished with many friends. I have fished pristine lakes and rivers in northern Ontario, Quebec and the Yukon. I have fished the Niagara (Ontario), Susquehanna (New York), Deschutes (Oregon), and Green (Utah) Rivers. I caught a 285-pound marlin off the coast of Cabo San Lucas as well as many tuna and dorado. Just in the past three years, Dr. Ekstrom and I have fished in Miami, Alaska, Cabo, Catalina, Massachusetts, and now, the San Juan River in New Mexico. We fished with the outfitters at Fish Heads in the Navajo Dam. The section of the San Juan River past the Navajo Dam is a world-class trout stream. Water flows out of the Navajo Damn from the bottom of the reservoir, giving a consistent year round water temperature of 42 degrees. The river is stocked regularly and has many native rainbow and brown trout. In spite of the large numbers of fish present, landing one is challenging – very tiny flies, tiny specs, with barbless hooks less than 2 mm in size. Fishing for the first five miles below the damn in catch-and-release. The biggest thrill is landing “a double” – Dr. Ekstrom and I managed to hook and land two beautiful brown trout simultaneously. Our biggest bonus was learning that our guide spent part of the year in Louisiana – and you guessed it, we are signed up for a guided, bayou, fly fishing trip next month to try our hand at landing some red fish!

Where it all started – Dr. Bunkis northern Quebec circa 1957

Spotlight on Plastic Surgery – Improving Facial Profile with Skin Tightening & Liposuction
by Deborah Ekstrom, MD

Different face types can pose different kinds of problems.  We see special challenges with round, full faces with short necks and a less well-defined jaw line inpatients who dislike their profile.

Typically, this patient reports that the whole family has a “double-chin” look and an increasingly unappealing profile of their neck, culminating in a fatty “turkey gobble” when elderly.

Ultimately, a facelift is necessary.  But a combination of radiofrequency skin/tissue tightening (Renuvion J-Plasma or FaceTite are two options available at our Massachusetts practice) with a conservative amount of fatty tissue removal with liposuction can address the problem. This minimally invasive modality is best used in a younger person and can get a subtle, acceptable (but not perfect) result for many patients

This patient above is 10 months post treatment of Renuvion J Plasma tissue tightening and liposuction. She has less fullness under her chin and better skin draping improving the look of her neck and a better-defined jawline. (Actual patient of Dr. Ekstrom)

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