Real Life "Facetuning"

Get ready to “facetune” in real life. Sick of using apps to blur your skin to perfection? Want bigger lips, smoother skin, improved contour of your facial features, clean skin, less darks or red undertones? Want a differently shaped nose? Larger breasts or a smaller waistline?

Here at Orange County Plastic Surgery we offer treatments for all of the above, and more.

  • Microneedling can address large pores, old acne scars and fine lines.
  • IPL and chemical peels target dark face pigmentation, laser genesis works to decrease reds and stimulate collagen.
  • IPL and laser genesis also can help improve acne by killing the bacteria p. acnes, often a major player in breakouts.

orange county plastic surgery

Actual patient of Crystal Osborn, PA-C after just 1 microneedling treatment. Notice the improvement in fine lines, old scars and dark spots!

Dr. Bunkis, OC’s best plastic surgeon, can help you attain the nose or eye shape of your dreams. He specializes in facelifts and can turn back the hands of time and defy gravity with his world renowned facelifts!

orange county plastic surgery

Actual patient of Dr. Bunkis FACS. Pt underwent a facelift and an upper lip lift. She looks more refreshed, well rested and years younger.

Dr. Bunkis also performs many breast and body procedures to lift, tone and tighten the body- from tummy to arms and legs and can also reduce or augment the breasts.

orange county plastic surgery

Actual patient of Dr.Bunkis, FACS. This patient underwent a saline breast augmention through her axilla.

So stop leaning on those apps and filters to give you the complexion or curves you love and come in for a consultation for real life results that last, on and off camera.