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COVID-19 Update 4/28

What a glorious warm week this has been! How nice to get back outside and enjoy a few rays of sunshine. No, the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over but we are now over the hump and looking at it from the other side of its peak. I am so proud of all of our citizens in Orange County for taking this Corona Virus threat seriously, for sheltering in place, for wearing masks and gloves in public, for social distancing, for following strict hygiene measures, for doing all that the CDC recommended to keep us safe as citizens of this great country. During my last trip to the grocery food store, observing everyone in masks and may people in gloves, everyone keeping a safe distance from other people, I could not help by think that we are safer in public now than we were at Thanksgiving before this all started! Using these measures, most of us have not seen anyone get even a cold or flu during this time either! And children being out of schools has certainly decreased the number of respiratory illnesses in all of us! Because of our collective efforts, the spread of COVID-19 has been minimized, in Orange County the curve has flattened and, with certain precautions in place, it will soon be safe to reopen our offices and resume seeing patients.

Our Orange County Surgery Center is officially opening on May 1st and we will follow by opening our office on May 4th.

New COVID-19 protocols will be in place both in the surgery center and at the office including always wearing masks, additional hygiene measures, not allowing friends or family members accompany a family member into a surgical facility and more teleconferencing for pre-operative visits and for follow ups. There is controversy regarding pretesting all patients before surgery for COVID-19 exposure and I am waiting for a final ruling from the Surgery Center – but we are offering all of our patients the option of getting a COVID-19 antibody test when blood is drawn three days before surgery (covered by insurance but $65 cash at the Newport Urgent Care Center for those without insurance). Now that we are used to teleconferencing, it will become a permanent fixture in our office even after this pandemic is over and a vaccine for this disease has been found. The pandemic is not over but the worst is behind us and it is a time to safely move forward!

Please call 949-888-9700 if you have any questions or visit our website at:

Even after our office reopens, we will continue offering teleconsultation options to our patients for both initial consultations and for follow up visits. Please feel free to use our complimentary telemedicine consultation service online through - just please call us in advance to set up a time when we can chat. (Just click on this link to use after you call to alert me, and your name will pop up on my screen that you are waiting to talk to me). Save this link in your favorites or contacts. This service can be used for follow-up patients as well as new consultations.

Yes, I love the sunshine and I love driving my Arlen Ness motorcycles. But to tell you the truth, I love doing surgery and being with all of you even more! God bless and be safe!

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Hope to see many of you soon!

Stay safe!